Meghan Markle decision not to attend King’s coronation ‘is for sake of Prince Harry and his family’

20 Apr 2023, 14:36
20 Apr 2023, 17:56

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Meghan Markle won’t be at the coronation next month, however, her decision not to attend may be much deeper than many are speculating.

According to one royal commentator, the Duchess of Sussex isn’t attending the coronation for the sake of Prince Harry and his family.

Meghan isn’t going to the coronation (Credit: Netflix)

Why isn’t Meghan Markle attending the coronation?

Last week it was announced that Meghan wouldn’t be attending the coronation. However, her husband, Prince Harry will be making the trip across the pond for the historic event.

Meanwhile, Meghan will be remaining in California with their young children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet. The date of the coronation clashes with Prince Archie’s birthday – which is one of the reasons being given as to why Meghan isn’t attending.

Now, a royal commentator has speculated that Meghan isn’t attending the coronation for the “sake of Prince Harry and his family”.

Grant Harrold, speaking on behalf of Slingo, made the claims during an exclusive chat with ED!.

Why isn’t Meghan attending the coronation? (Credit:

Meghan Markle coronation decision for ‘sake of Prince Harry’

Grant said: “I think that Meghan not attending the coronation is possibly diplomatic.”

“However, it’s her son Archie’s birthday on the coronation weekend, so she will obviously want to be there to celebrate the occasion. It may also be a way of Meghan giving Harry a chance to go and reconnect with his family,” he then continued.

“The reality is, due to Archie’s birthday, she and Harry have made the decision for her to stay at home. I don’t believe there would have been any issues if she did attend. They were both invited and the King wanted them to be there, despite what has happened in recent months,” he then said.

“On this occasion, Meghan obviously wants to be there for Archie’s birthday. Like most families that have double commitments, the pair have clearly made the decision for Meghan to stay at home, while Harry attends the coronation.”

ED! has contacted Meghan’s reps for comment.

Meghan didn’t want to be second fiddle, according to a royal author (Credit: ITV)

Duchess of Sussex ‘didn’t want to play second fiddle’

However, one royal author believes that Meghan didn’t want to attend the coronation because she “didn’t want to play second fiddle“.

Tom Bower made the claims during an appearance on GB News on Tuesday night (April 18). Speaking to Dan Wootton, he said: “For her [Meghan], unless she was going to be prominent, she wasn’t going to take the part.

“She’s milked the Royal Family for everything that they can give her. She’s got global recognition, which she didn’t have before.”

He then continued, saying: “Meghan is such a poisonous, vile person for Britain. I think she realises that the crowds – who are monarchists – on the streets wouldn’t give her the welcome she thinks she deserves.”

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