King Charles’ coronation: ‘All eyes’ will be on Prince Louis amid prediction about future for Will and Kate’s kids

20 Apr 2023, 11:41

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With the coronation of King Charles a matter of weeks away, one expert has predicted that one of the youngest royals will ensure all eyes are on him on the big day.

Little Prince Louis, who turns five this weekend (April 23), will be in attendance – and his parents will surely be hoping that there isn’t a repeat of his Platinum Jubilee behaviour. In Westminster Abbey, at least!

Speaking exclusively to Entertainment Daily, brand and culture expert Nick Ede predicted “all eyes” will be on Prince Louis on the day. And he said that, going forward, we’ll be seeing even more “cheekiness” from all three of the Prince and Princess of Wales’ kids.

While the prediction will surely be music to the ears of royal watchers enamoured with the trio, we’re not entirely sure George, Charlotte and Louis’ parents will feel the same…

Nick has predicted more ‘cheekiness’ is to come from Prince Louis, Princess Charlotte and Prince George (Credit: Splash News)

King Charles’ coronation: ‘All eyes’ on Prince Louis

George, Charlotte and Louis – three of King Charles‘ grandchildren – will attend the coronation. Prince George, as second in line to the throne, will also have an official role during the ceremony.

But will Prince Louis’ behaviour cause more headlines? Nick Ede appears to think so. He told ED!: “I expect all eyes will be on Louis’ animated expressions throughout the event and also to see how Catherine and William treat them on the day!”

I think we will see a lot more cheekiness from the Wales children as they get older and their personalities start to shine even more.

However, Louis might not be the only one of their three kids causing a headache for Mum and Dad going forward. Kids will be kids, even if they are royalty, and Nick predicts more cheeky antics to come from the trio.

Making a prediction about future engagements, he told us: “I think we will see a lot more cheekiness from the Wales children as they get older and their personalities start to shine even more.”

‘All eyes’ are expected to be on Prince Louis at the coronation, which he’ll attend with his siblings (Credit: Splash News)

Warning over Louis’ behaviour

The news came after a number of experts shared a warning over the upcoming ceremony.

Richard Fitzwilliams told us: “Louis’ cheeky behaviour during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations was unforgettable. It was worldwide news too. It might well happen during the coronation weekend. But might not be encouraged at the ceremony!”

Prince George’s role at the coronation was announced earlier this month. Nine-year-old George will be one of the King’s Page of Honours. This means he’ll help to carry the monarch’s robes on the day.

George is the youngest future King to play a formal role at a ceremony like the coronation. He’ll be joined by the sons of the King’s friends – Lord Oliver Chomondeley, Nicholas Barclay and Ralph Tollemache.

Meanwhile, Queen Consort Camilla has her own Pages of Honour too. These will be her grandsons Master Gus and Master Louis Lopes and Master Freddy Parker Bowles. As well as her great-nephew, Master Arthur Elliot.

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