Emmerdale fans declare ‘we’re done’ as they predict future for Mack and Charity

20 Apr 2023, 16:02

Charity Dingle, Emmerdale, Mackenzie Boyd

In Emmerdale last night (Wednesday April 19, 2023), Charity and Mack found themselves stuck in a prison cell after being arrested by PC Swirling.

Charity then shared a sentimental message about Mack after the woman in the neighbouring cell suggested that they had issues. But Charity has no idea her fiancé has fathered a child with someone else.

Now, Emmerdale fans have declared ‘we’re done’ as they predict a future for Mack and Charity despite his baby secret being on the verge of being exposed.

PC Swirling arrested Charity and Mack (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Charity and Mack got arrested

Last night, Moira helped Charity out in arranging her wedding gift for Mack. They surprised him with an A-Team van.

Charity and Mack got changed into some fancy dress outfits and parked up in a country lane but were soon arrested by PC Swirling. He explained that the van had been involved in a robbery and therefore he had to arrest them.

As Charity and Mack didn’t have the rental agreement to hand, the soon-to-be-wed couple found themselves locked up in a cell. Charity believed that Moira had set them up to stop the wedding from happening.

A woman in a neighbouring cell heard them both bickering and suggested that they had issues, in which they both responded defensively.

Charity said that they were both in love after she was asked how well she really new Mack. She then said that they would always get through the ups and the downs.

She said that she wouldn’t “let anyone or anything stand in the way” of their happy ever after life together.

Fans think that Charity will forgive Mack (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale fans are ‘done’ as they predict future for couple

Emmerdale fans think that based on last night’s sentimental moment Charity will forgive Mack and stay with him even after finding out the truth about his baby.

If this is the case, fans are threatening to boycott the soap. They can’t stand to watch Mack get away with what he’s done.

One fan suggested that Charity will forgive Mack, writing: “It’s bizarre? It’s cringey and there is ZERO chemistry. I hope they break up soon, but I fear this is the producer’s IT couple so it will go on and on and ON!”

It's bizzarro? It's cringey and there is ZERO chemistry. I hope they break up soon, but I fear this is the producer's IT couple so it will go on and on and ON!😬🙃

— shady smith (@shadysmith3) April 19, 2023

👍👍 i think i'd truly be done with this show if that happened lmao

— Detectiverist Soph (@sofaneilas) April 19, 2023

I would be too 😂 worst pairing ever

— Sir Jeffers Jefferson (@memesEmmerdale) April 19, 2023

In response to the suggestion that Charity and Mack could be the IT couple of the soap, one fan tweeted: “Not whilst I’m around it WON’T!”

Another commented in agreement, declaring: “I think I’d be truly done with this show if that happened lmao”

A final fan wasn’t keen on the idea of Charity and Mack staying together either. They stated: “I would too. Worst pairing ever.”

Will Charity ever forgive Mack? (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Will Charity forgive Mack?

Charity really believes that Mack is her Mr Perfect and that she has finally found somebody who will treat her right.

However, when the truth inevitably comes out, will Charity forgive Mack and get her happy-ever-after ending? Or will she get her revenge in old school Charity style?

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Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour episode on Thursdays.

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