Who’s leaving Emmerdale in 2023? Who’s joining and returning to the Dales?

19 Apr 2023, 16:05
19 Apr 2023, 16:05

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After a huge 50th anniversary year in 2022, which saw plenty of deaths and exits, who’s leaving Emmerdale in 2023?

And is anyone returning to Emmerdale? Or newcomers starting?

Here’s our round-up of who’s coming and going in 2023.

Priya was the most recent exit from the village (Credit: ITV)

Who’s leaving Emmerdale in 2023?

Currently, Emmerdale has not revealed any cast exits for this year. That’s good news!

There has been several departures already in 2023, however. Priya Sharma and daughter Amba Metcalfe, departed for a life in London back in January.

Haunted by memories of the fire that left her scarred for life, Priya realised she needed a fresh start. A job offer in London came at just the right time and she departed, along with Amba, for pastures new.

Following Priya out of the Dales was Pierce Harris’ son, Marcus Dean. His relationship with Ethan broke down over a lack of trust and the pair called it quits when Marcus cheated with his ex.

Marcus’ parting shot cut deep when he called Ethan ‘boring’, packed his things and left town. He left Noah high and dry by ending his apprenticeship and Ethan has vowed to move on.

Who’s returning to Emmerdale in 2023?

Tracy will be back – but when? (Credit: ITV)

Tracy Metcalfe

Tracy’s off for a while as actress Amy Walsh is on maternity leave with her first baby.

She and Nate broke up after he cheated with Fiona, who we now know was Vanessa’s girlfriend! Vanessa was determined to keep Nate and Tracy apart, but she didn’t plan on Tracy taking up a new job in Nottingham.

She has gone to help other struggling new mums to cope, but she returned briefly for the 50th anniversary in October last year. She and Nate hooked up again, but just as she had decided to give him another chance, he went back to on-off girlfriend Naomi Walters. It’s a decision he probably regrets after Naomi dumped him for being too boring.

Meanwhile, Tracy will return at some point. Amy and partner Toby-Alexander Smith are in the baby bubble with their adorable daughter Bonnie and Amy has said she’ll be back once they have sorted things “logistically”.

Vanessa’s absence will only be temporary (Credit: ITV)

Vanessa Woodfield

Actress Michelle Hardwick announced she was expecting her second baby last year. Michelle and wife Kate Brooks already have son, Teddy, who is nearly two. Michelle gave birth to baby Betty  in November 2022.

Her maternity leave means Vanessa will be off screens again this year. Viewers watched as Vanessa decided to take a job in Canada.

She was meant to be going with love interest Suzy, but the pair split up over the lack of trust in their relationship. At the last minute, Vanessa left alone.

It’s not known how long Michelle is expected to take for maternity leave, but it’s thought she’ll be back at the end of 2023.

Laura Norton has left as Kerry (Credit: ITV)

Kerry Wyatt

It was a busy few months for Kerry Wyatt building up to her recent exit.

She confessed Chloe was in fact her real daughter, who she’d given up at birth. Then she discovered the truth about cheating fiancé Al Chapman. With life in the village all too much, Kerry decided to leave the village to take a job on cruise ships.

Kerry actress Laura Norton gave birth to her second child, with fiancé Mark Jordon, earlier this year, so the exit was to cover her maternity leave.

Although nothing has been confirmed, she expected to take roughly a year away from the Dales, as she did with her first child. However, she will appear on a video call with Chloe after the young mum gives birth on screen.

Kerry is expected to return to the village in November 2023 – but what dramas will she return with this time?


Caleb Miligan is Emmerdale’s newest arrival (Credit: ITV)

Caleb Miligan’s wife?

Emmerdale dropped a huge bombshell just before Easter when they revealed Caleb Milligan is the long-lost son of Faith Dingle and Frank Tate.

Caleb is now trying to steal Home Farm and ruin Kim Tate to get what’s owed to him. He is being helped by his son, Nicky, who got engaged to Gabby in order to get her shares too.

And Nicky revealed Caleb is married! Although he and his wife have separated, as he urged his son to accept the fact they aren’t together any more, it surely won’t be long before Mrs Milligan turns up in town. Especially as we know he owes her money!

Do we know Caleb’s estranged wife? Is she already in town? Or have we met her before?

Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays.

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**This article is reguarly updated to reflect ongoing cast changes in Emmerdale.

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