Stephen Mulhern fans rage as he announces ‘unfair’ news

19 Apr 2023, 10:49

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Stephen Mulhern fans are not happy after the In For A Penny host shared news about the popular ITV show.

The Saturday night game show hosted by telly fave Stephen returned to the box for a new series last weekend.

Devoted viewers were delighted to see the Saturday Night Takeaway on their screens. Although there were some complaints suggesting episodes should be longer.

Stephen Mulhern had In For A Penny news to share with fans (Credit: ITV)

However, those moans are nothing in comparison to the distress some Instagram followers expressed after Stephen revealed an In For A Penny update on Tuesday (April 18) evening.

That’s because Stephen was making fans aware that In For A Penny is off the upcoming TV schedules, a move fan slammed as “not fair”.

Telly host was back with In For A Penny for more fun with contestants last weekend (Credit: ITV)

Stephen Mulhern news

Stephen uploaded a pic of himself looking taken aback as a startled In For A Penny player screamed as they were doused in water.

Explaining why he had selected the image, Stephen wrote in the post’s caption: “This is how shocked I was when I heard there was no In For a Penny this weekend because of the football!” Thankfully, however, the TV break isn’t scheduled to be a very long one. Stephen continued: “Don’t worry though, it’ll be back next Saturday instead. Can’t get rid of me that easily!”

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How fans reacted

In For A Penny fans were not impressed to discover the change would affect their viewing.

“In For A Penny is better than football,” one commenter on Stephen’s post insisted. Another objected: “Nahhhh but I don’t care about the football! I wanna watch In For A Penny.” [Sic]

“I don’t want to watch football, want to watch this,” echoed another.

Stephen Mulhern will return, never fear (Credit: ITV)

A fourth person chant-typed: “What do we want: In for A Penny. When do we want it, SATURDAY! Not football.” Someone else fumed: “Not fair! That’s why there are four ITV channels!”

Not fair! That’s why there are four ITV channels!

Meanwhile, another person maintained: “Football is not Saturday night entertainment.”

And yet another upset fan reacted: “What!? Screw the football we need @stephenmulhern on our telly on Saturday, that’s just ruined my weekend now.”

Elsewhere, someone suggested extra Stephen might remedy the situation. “Reckon we need a double dose the following weekend to make up for it,” they wrote. And someone else reflected: “Bloody football lol, nothing else to watch on Saturday nights apart from BGT but not the same without BGMT. Next weekend will be here before you know it and we get to watch your handsome face.”

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