GB news guest Tom Bower slammed for branding Meghan Markle a ‘vile, poisonous’ person: ‘Obsessive and weird’

19 Apr 2023, 12:52
19 Apr 2023, 16:33

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Tom Bower slammed Meghan Markle during an appearance on GB News last night (Tuesday, April 18), branding the Duchess of Sussex a “vile, poisonous” person.

However, some viewers of the show weren’t in agreement with the royal author, with many taking aim at him instead, calling him “obsessive” and “weird”.

Meghan was slammed by Tom Bower (Credit: Netflix)

Tom Bower takes aim at Meghan Markle

Last night saw Tom make an appearance on GB News to discuss Meghan with Dan Wootton once more. As expected, the royal author was less than complimentary about the Duchess of Sussex.

Wootton and Bower were not happy with Charles’ decision to include a picture of Meghan in the official coronation brochure.

“When it comes to this Meghan and Harry photo, I’m quite offended by it,” Wootton confessed. “Meghan doesn’t deserve to be in the official brochure for the coronation. Look at everything she’s said since the death of the late Queen! My worry is that he [King Charles] keeps rewarding bad behaviour!”

“Well, on one hand, I think he’s being cowardly,” Bower then said of the King. “And then he is constantly dithering. He just doesn’t want to be disliked.”

He then branded Charles as “self-indulgent”.

The Duchess of Sussex was branded ‘poisonous’ and ‘vile’ (Credit:

Tom Bower slams Meghan Markle

The royal author then continued, saying that Charles should have “banned” Harry from attending the coronation.

The conversation then moved on to discuss why Meghan isn’t coming to the coronation. Wootton is of the belief that Meghan isn’t coming because she can’t count on not being booed by the public.

Meghan is such a poisonous, vile person for Britain.

“For her [Meghan], unless she was going to be prominent, she wasn’t going to take the part,” Bower said. “She’s milked the Royal Family for everything that they can give her. She’s got global recognition, which she didn’t have before.”

Bower then continued, saying: “Meghan is such a poisonous, vile person for Britain. I think she realises that the crowds – who are monarchists – on the streets wouldn’t give her the welcome she thinks she deserves.”

ED! has contacted Meghan’s reps for comment.

Tom was slammed by viewers of the show (Credit: GB News / YouTube)

Fans slam royal author

It’s safe to say that not everyone was in agreement with Tom and Dan on last night’s show.

“This is repulsive,” one viewer fumed on Twitter. “The narrative around Meghan is now becoming nasty,” another tweeted.

“The irony of these two calling other people poisonous,” a third wrote.

“Obsessive and weird,” another branded the duo.

However, some GB News viewers were in agreement with Wootton and Bower.

One said: “Having Meghan’s face on the coronation photo is a slap in the face to British people. I can’t believe Charles is so weak as to go for such a grotesque decision.”

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