Coronation Street spoilers tonight: Ryan goes missing after being given devastating recovery news

19 Apr 2023, 11:04

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In Coronation Street spoilers tonight (Wednesday April 19, 2023), Ryan goes missing after being given some devastating recovery news.

After looking at his burns for the first time, Ryan discharges himself from hospital and goes missing, leaving Daisy and Carla to worry where he is.

Where does Ryan go? Will Daisy and Carla be able to track him down in Coronation Street tonight?

Daisy and Carla set up a search party (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Ryan goes missing

Tonight, Ryan decides that he wants to see his burns for the first time since the acid attack and have his bandage removed.

With Carla by his side at the hospital, Ryan’s world crumbles when the surgeon reveals that he needs a skin graft as his skin isn’t healing as expected.

Later on, Daisy and Carla turn up at the hospital and are shocked to find any empty bed – Ryan’s gone missing.

Setting up a search party, Daisy and Carla set out to find Ryan. They eventually find an emotional Ryan with his backpack outside of the tram station.

Daisy battles whether to tell Ryan that Crystal doesn’t want anything to do with him, with the job in Ibiza no longer being on offer.

Will Daisy be able to bring herself round to dashing Ryan’s dreams? Or will she continue to keep the news a secret?

Eliza is being bullied (Credit: ITV)

Stu receives some bittersweet news

Stu gets some pleasant news when he finds out that he could receive up to £200,000 in compensation for his time in prison.

However, the moment is bittersweet when he finds out that Eliza is being bullied at school due to her mum being in prison.

Will Stu be able to support Eliza and help her put a stop to the bullying? And, what will Stu do about his potential compensation win?

Beth and Faye are with someone they shouldn’t be with (Credit: ITV)

Beth and Faye catch each other out

Faye and Jackson decide to go for a drink together after Jackson’s job interview. However, Faye lies to Craig that she’s just meeting one of the girls.

Beth also lies to Kirk, arranging to meet up with Marco at a hotel. She tells Kirk that she can’t make the meal he’s booked because she’s meeting up with some old mates.

Soon enough, both Beth and Faye catch each other on dates with someone they shouldn’t be with as they both arrive at the same hotel bar.

Faye’s mortified as she returns home and finds Craig bonding with Miley. But, will either Beth or Faye snitch on the other?

Roy continues to feel unwell (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Roy has a medical appointment

After his sudden exit from his salsa lesson, Roy decides to make an appointment with Dr Gaddas as he continues to feel unwell.

At the medical centre, Roy explains that he’s been suffering from chest pains and a shortness of breath, prompting Dr Gaddas to book him in for some tests.

As Roy tells Evelyn about his upcoming hospital appointment, Evelyn is adamant about accompanying him. But, will Roy be okay?

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