Alison Hammond’s time at ‘just ITV coming to an end’ as This Morning ‘needs to accept her spreading her wings’

19 Apr 2023, 14:54

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This Morning favourite Alison Hammond has become somewhat of a national treasure on our TV screens and her job offers just keep on coming.

The presenter recently confirmed she’ll be starring in a pantomime of Jack and the Beanstalk. It comes weeks after she was announced as the new Great British Bake Off host.

Now, according to a PR expert, Alison may start to “step away” from This Morning as her “schedule fills up”.

Alison has become a national treasure on TV (Credit:

Alison Hammond on This Morning

Jordan James, CEO and Head of Key holders at Unlockd PR, exclusively told Entertainment Daily!: “This Morning has been lucky enough to have Hammond for so long, and ITV were smart to snap her up so quickly after leaving Big Brother. But I think Hammond’s time at just ITV has come to an end as the nation asks for more of this enigmatic star.

“While I don’t think Hammond will ever lose her loyalty to This Morning, as her schedule fills up it’s only natural that she will start to step away from the show, especially if she has the chance to be in the limelight.”

He continued: “While Hammond is being given the chance to present the main This Morning show more and more, she is still miles behind Phil [Schofield] and Holly [Willoughby] when it comes to being the main star.”

Alison and Holly had “natural” chemistry on This Morning (Credit: ITV)

Jordan then added: “So unless ITV is willing to change up the dynamic (a Holly and Hammond combination would be perfect in my opinion) the show will have to accept her spreading her wings and taking her talent elsewhere.”

While I don’t think Hammond will ever lose her loyalty to This Morning, as her schedule fills up it’s only natural that she will start to step away from the show.

Alison took on hosting duties on This Morning over the Easter break as Holly and Phil took two weeks off. However, the week before, she hosted alongside Holly as Phil was absent.

A body language expert weighed in on Alison and Holly’s chemistry, and admitted it was “natural and authentic”. Speaking on behalf of SpinGenie, Darren Stanton said Alison could be Holly’s permanent co-host in the future.

Dermot and Alison usually host This Morning together (Credit: ITV)

Alison to become Holly’s permanent co-host?

Darren said: “Alison definitely has the potential to be Holly’s permanent co-host. This is due to the strong synchronisation in their body language, where they are often seen matching and mirroring each other, and sometimes even finishing the other’s sentence.”

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Phil recently returned to This Morning after three weeks off. However, Holly didn’t return as she has a bout of shingles. Instead Rochelle Humes has been filling in for her.

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