Prince Harry faces ‘big problem’ at coronation amid ‘cold and icy’ reunion with family he ‘pushed under bus’

18 Apr 2023, 17:10
18 Apr 2023, 17:11

Prince Harry, Royal Family

Prince Harry “has got a problem” ahead of him at the coronation, says former royal butler Paul Burrell.

Speaking to Spin Genie, the former royal staff member said that Harry can expect a “very cold and icy” reception from the Windsors, who he knows to “hold a grudge”.

Following weeks of speculation, Buckingham Palace recently confirmed that Prince Harry will in fact be attending King Charles’ coronation. However, wife Meghan and children Archie and Lilibet will not be present.

In the wake of this news, former royal butler Paul Burrell has spoken out about the “very cold and icy” reception Harry can expect at the occasion, from a royal family that he knows “don’t forgive”.

Harry will be attending the coronation in May while Meghan will stay behind in California (Credit: Splash News)

Prince Harry at coronation

“Harry’s got a problem because he’s going to have to sit amongst family who he’s pushed under the bus and criticised,” claimed Paul.

The Windsors don’t forgive.

“What kind of reception is he going to get?” He asked, before answering bluntly: “A very cold and icy one because the Windsors don’t forgive, they do hold a grudge.” Having served the family since he was 18, Paul, now aged 64, should know better than anyone.

King Charles continues to “care” for Prince Harry, says former butler (Credit: Splash News)

King Charles “still cares” for Harry

Paul expressed sympathy for the King who has been the subject of “negative stories” by Harry and Meghan, but nevertheless continues to “look after his wayward son”.

He said: “When Harry was here recently for the court case, the car from the Royal Mews picked him up at the airport, whisked him off to Frogmore Cottage where he still lives. The King dispatched a chef to Windsor Castle to cook Harry’s food, a butler to take it down to Frogmore Cottage from the castle to serve it.”

Paul shared this private insight into the royal family, before saying: “But of course you will never hear that story because that’s too good a story, too nice a story for Harry and Meghan to tell.”

Harry and Meghan news

The former butler criticised Harry and Meghan’s decision to leave it so late before confirming their attendance.

“I think what they were doing was titillating the media by not saying,” he mused. “They were keeping everyone guessing because it’s part of what they do.”

Paul even took a cynical view of Harry’s decision to attend. He suggested that the Duke of Sussex might have ulterior motives. He said: “Harry might think ‘it’ll be a good thing if I go because then I’ve got more information to write in my next book’.”

Will Harry and Meghan lose their royal titles? (Credit: Splash News)

However Paul does not believe that the Sussexes are at any risk of losing their royal titles.

“No [the King] won’t take away their titles,” he said, in response to speculation. “He sent them the invitations, he’s kept the moral high ground and he’s doing the right thing.”

For now, the former butler added: “The King’s matches are safely away in his pocket, he’s not using them to light any fires.”

ED! has contacted reps for the palace for comment.

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