Emmerdale spoilers: Cathy disappears as she reaches breaking point

18 Apr 2023, 18:22
18 Apr 2023, 16:25

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Latest Emmerdale spoilers have revealed that, as Cathy Hope struggles to deal with the realties of her diagnosis with Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, she begins to spiral out of control.

The teenager recently discovered that she was suffering from the hormone-based mood disorder. As this begins to affect her school and home life, Cathy seeks solace in the bottle with Marshall.

But, as the pressure gets too much, she makes a drastic decision. Can Cathy be found before she does something terrible?

Read our Emmerdale spoilers for this storyline in full below.

The school headteacher has some distressing news for Cathy (Credit: ITV)

Cathy drowns her sorrows with Marshall

Bob is shocked when Cathy’s headteacher suggests that she defer for a year. She tells him that Cathy won’t be granted an access arrangement without a formal diagnosis for her condition. Cathy is horrified at the idea of being held back a year, and persuades Miss Cathcart to let her sit.

Later, Marshall finds Cathy with two bottles of vodka that she’s stolen from the B&B. Together, they head to the Cricket Pavilion to drink away their troubles.

Growing worried, Bob, Brenda and Laurel head out to look for the teenagers. When they find Marshall and Cathy, they’re drunk and queasy – with Cathy vomiting just as they show up.

Bob and Brenda find Cathy and Marshall drunk and miserable at the Cricket Pavilion (Credit: ITV)

Cathy hits out at Bob

The next day, feeling ashamed of her actions, Cathy strikes out. She accidentally hits Bob with her keys, scratching his cheek.

As the pair nurse their wounds, Bob tries to make amends. He and Cathy hug, but he doesn’t see the rucksack hidden behind the sofa. But what does Cathy have planned?

In the wake of an awful couple of days, Cathy walks out into the night (Credit: ITV)

Cathy walks out of the village… for good?

Once Bob has gone, Cathy shoulders the rucksack and heads out. She looks back at the B&B with tears in her eyes, before walking out into the night…

Can Cathy be found before it’s too late?

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