EastEnders spoilers: First look at all-new pics for April 24-28

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In EastEnders spoilers for next week, Ben and Martin face off in the boxing ring as Ben, full of rage and aggression, learns some news about rapist Lewis. Can Callum talk Ben down before he does something he’ll regret?

Elsewhere, Zack reveals his HIV diagnosis to a shocked audience in the Queen Vic. This comes as Keanu struggles to find the funds for a christening for Albie.

Meanwhile, Amy tries to help Denise and Jack see eye-to-eye, and Lola has some heartbreaking news in store for Billy. Read our EastEnders spoilers in full below.

EastEnders spoilers
1. Ben and Martin square off

It’s the week of Ben and Martin’s big boxing match. As the pair prepare to fight, Phil proudly tells everyone that his son is going to win. Callum tries to talk Ben out of fighting, but Ben ignores his advice. Later, he’s approached by a plain clothes police officer who tells him that Lewis has been arrested again for rape.

Later, Callum finds Ben limbering up at the gym ahead of the fight. He tells him that he knows about Lewis – and begs Ben to reconsider fighting Martin. Bull-headed, Ben ignores Callum’s pleas.

In the ring, Ben and Martin face off. Pent-up and full of rage, Ben advances upon his opponent. But who will win as the pair begin trading blows?

Later in the week, Callum worries about Ben, who is bottling up his feelings. Kathy speaks to Ben, and tells him that he should talk to Callum and get the support he needs. Ben confides in Callum… but is he ready to fully open up?

2. Zack drops a health bombshell

Zack is feeling upbeat after telling Sharon and Martin about his HIV diagnosis. Bolstered by their support, he gets enthusiastic about the idea of getting a flat with Whitney and trying for a baby once his viral load is reduced. Later, he approaches Ravi for a loan for a flat deposit.

However, when he tells his news to Whitney, she’s completely blindsided by his enthusiasm. How will she react to Zack wanting to try for another child so soon after Peach?

Later, in the Vic, Zack clashes with Ben. He’s with Whitney and Martin when Ben starts accusing him of being a coward by refusing to fight. Enraged, Zack reveals that he dropped out of the fight because he’s HIV positive, revealing his diagnosis to the whole pub.

As the Walford residents reel at Zack’s revelation, shockwaves resound around the Square. Back home, Martin tells Zack to cherish his relationship with Whitney and not to rush into anything. Supported by Whitney and Sharon, Zack apologises to Whit for rushing things.

3. Keanu has big plans for Albie’s Christening

Keanu tells Sharon that he wants to pay for a Christening for Albie. However, there’s tension between Karen and Sharon, with his mum not approving of their relationship.

There are further worries in store when Keanu realises that he can’t afford to pay for the Christening. After Phil and Alfie turn him down,  he talks to Zack about doing some work for shady Ravi. Zack warns him off, but penniless Keanu can’t resist the cash – and Ravi signs him up for a dodgy delivery the next day.

Later, Bernie is thrilled when Sharon and Keanu ask her to be Albie’s godmother. But Zack reacts badly when Sharon asks him to be godfather, and rushes off upset. But why?

When Sharon tells him that they need to pay off Linda, Keanu heads off to do Ravi’s dodgy delivery job. But, just as he picks up the boxes, DS Giles arrives to quiz him on the boxes’ contents. What will Keanu say?

4. Amy tries to make things right with Jack and Denise

Amy takes matters into her own hands to help Jack and Denise’s marriage. Unbeknownst to either, she invites them both to her school counselling session with Jack. After overhearing Amy talking, Nugget and Denzel discuss the mess their parents have made.

Spurred on, Chelsea steps up to support the Brannings. Her concern touches Denise, but she makes it clear she hasn’t forgiven her mum. Later, Chelsea lets Jack have it for refusing family therapy.

When Amy goes missing just before counselling, Jack and Denise are worried. Chelsea finds Amy having a panic attack. She’d gotten held up while taking her ‘mum’ necklace for repair. They join the Branning family at the therapists office and a frank conversation ensues. Denise feels attacked by her family, but it’s Ricky Jr. who really lets rip. But what does he say?

5. Billy returns to heartbreaking news about Lola

Billy arrives home from Portugal. However, his return brings fresh heartache for Lola, who worries over how she’s going to tell him about her latest prognosis.

As Billy excitedly makes future plans for a family holiday in Portugal, Lola breaks the news. When she tells him that she only has months to live, Billy is left distraught. She has even bigger news for Jay, telling him that time is running out. Explaining that she needs to get things in order, she tells Jay that she wants him to adopt Lexi. How will Jay react?

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