‘Cracks starting to show’ with Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield’s dynamic on This Morning as ITV ‘risk losing viewers’

18 Apr 2023, 17:31

Holly Willoughby, ITV, Phillip Schofield, This Morning

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield’s dynamic on This Morning is beginning to show cracks, according to a PR expert.

ITV is at “risk of losing viewers” if they don’t give the show a “much-needed face-lift”, the expert has claimed.

The duo haven’t been on screen together since last month (Credit: ITV)

Cracks showing in Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield dynamic?

By the end of this week, it will have been four weeks since we last saw Phillip and Holly on screen together.

Earlier this month, Phillip was absent from the show as his brother stood trial for sexually abusing a teenager. After that, there was the two week Easter break, which saw both Holly and Phillip replaced.

The duo were expected to be back on screen together yesterday (Monday, April 17). However, Holly was struck down with illness, meaning she was replaced by Rochelle Humes.

Now, PR expert and CEO of UnlockdPR, Jordan James, believes that cracks are beginning to show in the duo’s dynamic.

Is Phillip ‘too big for his boots’? (Credit: ITV)

Phillip losing his appeal?

Speaking exclusively to ED!, Jordan said: “While Phillip Scofield was once TV royalty, his time in the limelight is sorely limited with his [alleged] diva-like attitude in recent years making him less of a beloved morning star and more like a hangover viewers regret.”

The PR expert then went on to say that Phillip’s dynamic relationship with Holly captured the hearts of younger viewers.

However, Jordan has suggested that viewers are tiring of Phillip. The PR expert then pointed at Queue-gate being an example of the presenter possibly becoming “too big for his boots”.

He said: “Fans of the show have slowly started to tire of the presenter with many feeling he has become too big for his boots, meaning now might be the best time for ITV to see a changing of the guards and bring in some fresh, less controversial talent.”

Is it time for a shake-up on This Morning? (Credit: ITV)

ITV at risk of ‘losing viewers’ by keeping Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield?

Jordan then continued, saying: “This Morning already has a rotating team of presenters that could easily fit the bill, and would be a welcome change for a show that is starting to become repetitive and boring.”

The PR expert then continued. “The Philip and Holly dynamic has worked well for quite some time, but the cracks are starting to show, and I think ITV could risk losing many more viewers if they don’t respond to the backlash and give the show a much-needed face-lift.

The pull the duo once had has waned dramatically over the years.

“The pull the duo once had has waned dramatically over the years – most notably when they allegedly skipped the queues to see the Queen lying in state – and they have started to lose their appeal as relatable and down-to-earth, which drew viewers to them in the first place.”

Jordan then said that Holly “could still stand on her own” without Phillip. However, he is of the opinion that ITV should “reevaluate” where Phillip stands “in the hearts of the public”.

ED! has contacted ITV for comment.

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