Scared of the Dark viewers ‘hooked’ by ‘hilarious’ and ‘sadistic’ new TV show

17 Apr 2023, 12:41

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Channel 4 viewers have praised its new reality TV show Scared of the Dark as “hilarious”, admitting they are already “hooked” by the format.

The show started on Sunday, April 16, 2023 and sounds just as bizarre on the page as it was to watch! It’s stripped across five nights all this week until Thursday, April 20, with five hour-long episodes.

Former EastEnders star Danny Dyer hosts the “sadistic” show, and the celebrity cast includes some controversial names – including Paul Gascoigne and Chris Eubank.

Which, in part, makes the show such a compelling watch, with some viewers describing Scared of the Dark as Celebrity Big Brother with the lights out!

Scared of the Dark cast: Donna Preston, Nicola Adams, Chloe Burrows, Chris Eubank, host Danny Dyer, Paul Gascoigne, Chris McCausland, Max George, and Scarlett Moffatt (Credit: Channel 4)

What is Scared of the Dark on Channel 4?

Scared of the Dark on Channel 4 sees eight famous faces agree to “give up the limelight, AND light altogether” for 180 hours.

In a world first, Paul Gascoigne, Scarlett Moffatt, Chris Eubank, Chris McCausland, Donna Preston, Chloe Burrows, Max George and Nicola Adams all live, eat and sleep together – in complete darkness.

Before the show started, C4 teased: “Can they endure the mounting psychological pressures of light deprivation, while also encountering their most primal fears in genuinely terrifying and faceless challenges?”

If the celebs fail, they lose their privileges, and life is made even harder. If they win, they get treats and time in the light. Like I’m A Celebrity, the TV stars are able to leave the show or stop a challenge by saying “I’m scared of the dark”.

A peer-to-peer vote will eventually determine the winner. And clinical psychologist Dr T is on hand to explain the emerging relationships that form between the celebs and what is happening to them emotionally and physiologically.

What did fans say about the TV show?

Viewers absolutely loved the format of the show – perhaps BECAUSE of the “sadistic” nature of the series. For example, Chloe Burrows spent three hours crying as she acclimatised to the darkness. The former Love Island contestant burst into tears and threatened to quit just minutes into the challenge.

Fans branded it “ace” and “TV gold”, and admitted they were already “hooked”. In fact, one Channel 4 viewer praised the channel full stop, saying: “Can we talk about how @Channel4 has been knocking it out the park recently? Rise & Fall, Tempting Fortune, Late Night Lycett, Lyra and now Scared of the Dark? I’ve never been so invested in a TV channel.”

One viewer wrote: “#ScaredOfTheDark was absolutely brilliant! I can’t wait for the next episode Pure kudos @Channel4. Signing Gazza, I’ve choked with laughter.”

Another said: “#ScaredOfTheDark was brilliant! Celeb Big Brother in the dark.”

A fourth wrote: “#ScaredOfTheDark is absolute genius and I am going to be hooked on it all week.”

“Loving #ScaredOfTheDark already!” said one more. “It’s basically Big Brother in the dark but what a great concept!”

One man typed: “This programme is hysterical. Giving celebrities PTSD for a laugh. In the future they will show it as an example of how messed up snd sadistic people were back in 2023. #ScaredOfTheDark.”

Chloe Burrows takes part in Scared of the Dark (Credit: Channel 4)

Fans divided by celebrity contestants on Scared of the Dark on Channel 4

Those watching got fully behind blind comedian Chris McCausland, whose highlights included wearing an eye mask to sleep. The comic also took charge due to his clear advantage. Many fans took to Twitter to claim Chris as their early winner.

However, dozens of C4 viewers raged against former boxer Chris Eubank, who told off his fellow contestants for swearing.

One wrote: “After watching #ScaredOfTheDark, I’ve realised what a judgemental, unpleasant tit Chris Eubank is. A horrible man who expects others to live by HIS standards so as not to upset him.”

Another said: “Chris Eubank is doing my head in, is he a king or something? Can I vote him out? #ScaredOfTheDark.”

However, one begged ITV to sign Chris up for I’m A Celeb, typing: “Please, please, please sign Gazza and Chris Eubank up for I’m A Celebrity.”

In fact, Chris Eubank was a contestant on the 15th season of I’m A Celebrity. He entered the jungle on Day 1 and finished up in 9th place in 2015.

Gazza also divided fans, with one saying: “Gazza deserves to win so much. It’s so brave of him to go in there #ScaredOfTheDark.”

Others thought it was unethical to put Paul Gascoigne on the show, due to his history of mental health issues.

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Scared of the Dark continues on Monday, April 17, 2023 at 9pm on Channel 4.

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