Sarah, Duchess of York makes plea to fans in heartbreaking message: ‘Any little bit can help’

17 Apr 2023, 11:33
17 Apr 2023, 11:44

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Sarah, Duchess of York made a plea to fans with a heartbreaking message yesterday (Sunday, April 16).

The 63-year-old took to Instagram yesterday afternoon to share the message with her 522k followers.

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Sarah Duchess of York sends message of support

Sarah, Duchess of York, took to Instagram yesterday to make a plea to her fans and followers.

In a short video for her 522k followers to see, Sarah spoke about how her friend, who is suffering from Motor Neurone Disease, is making his last trek.

“Hi John, I just wanted to say to you that you are doing so well, you’re doing amazing,” Sarah said in the video. “And you’re so nearly there. You’re doing it for people all over the world suffering from ALS – Motor Neurone Disease. You’ve nailed it. I don’t know how you’ve done it, we are in awe of your brilliance.”

Sarah also posted a lengthy caption along with her post, in which she issued royal fans with a plea.

Fergie issued a plea (Credit:

Sarah Duchess of York issues plea to fans

The 63-year-old wrote: “This will be my friend John Chart’s last trek. John is suffering from Motor Neurone Disease (MND, also known as ALS). He is currently climbing Everest with Little Red & team.”

Sarah then continued, saying: “John needs your help as he begins to lose his legs on this incredibly challenging journey to base camp, where he hopes to make a statement and raise awareness about MND and how more research is needed.”

“Please, if you can, donate at the link in my bio to help raise money for a cure. Any little bit can help. And please help spread the word by sharing this message (or your own) so that we can all encourage John as he faces this unimaginable challenge. Thank you,” she then said.

Sarah isn’t going to the coronation (Credit: YouTube)

Fergie snubbed from coronation

In other, Fergie-related news, it was recently revealed that Sarah WON’T be attending the coronation. Now, the real reason behind her snubbing has been revealed by former royal butler Grant Harrold.

Speaking to Spin Genie, he said: “It’s interesting that Sarah Ferguson isn’t invited as she is a close member and friend of the royal family, including the King, and I understand she still continues to live under one roof with her husband who she is divorced from. In recent years, Sarah and Andrew have become very close again and continue to spend time together and I think that’s also for the benefit of their daughters too.”

Harrold then continued, speculating: “It could be because she is no longer an official member of the royal family. Maybe they are only inviting senior members of the royal family or married members of the royal family.”

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