OPINION: Bruno Tonioli is breathing life into Britain’s Got Talent – a show on its last legs

17 Apr 2023, 11:26

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Bruno Tonioli has arrived on Britain’s Got Talent like a grenade of confetti – and he’s certainly made his mark.

While viewers have been divided by the ‘Marmite’ character, I think he’s EXACTLY what the ITV show needs.

After all, I think we can all agree – the so-called talent show has been on its very last legs for some time now…

And there are some other judges we’d swap while we’re at it, too! ITV are you listening?

Bruno Tonioli has joined the cast of Britain’s Got Talent 2023 (Credit: ITV1)

Bruno Tonioli on Britain’s Got Talent – the verdict

Britain’s Got Talent returned this weekend with shows on Saturday and Sunday night (April 15 and 16, 2023). And the nation – those still watching anyway – waited to see how new judge Bruno Tonioli would fit in.

And, it’s fair to say, he was his usual firecracker self. The Italian choreographer, who is unbelievably 67, was like an electric eel amongst the now horribly formulaic nature of the ITV show.

New judge Bruno Tonioli joined Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden and Alesha Dixon on the show. And, from first appearances anyway, he appears to be breathing new life into Britain’s Got Talent – a show on its last legs.

Viewers know that Bruno replaced David Walliams, who left the show under a cloud in 2022. And he’s everything David wasn’t. David Walliams fans – if there are any left? – cover your ears now.

Bruno is SO much better than David Walliams

David was a sarky, often cruel judge. Forget Simon Cowell, David W was the one I cringed at whenever he spoke. There was something undeniably mean about his judgements. I’m not really sorry to say that he seemed sneery and mean. Frankly, he came across as a man who felt he was ‘better’ than the contestants.

Perhaps he forgot that he was once an aspiring comedian, too, who no one had ever heard of? I wasn’t at all surprised when I heard he’d been involved in a scandal. If you need a refresher, David apologised last year after a leaked tape revealed he made derogatory comments about contestants on the show.

The Guardian reported the leaked tape included David referring to an elderly contestant as a c-word.

He also reportedly made fun of a female contestant: “She’s like the slightly boring girl you meet in the pub that thinks you want to [bleep] them, but you don’t.”

Errr, not exactly the words of a judge on a supposedly family-friendly show!? In contract, Bruno is the slightly bonkers uncle we’d all want at the party. Yes, he might make a rude comment or cheeky innuendo, but he is inherently a nice guy. Someone who is on the side of the contestants. And I’d want him as a guest at a dinner party.

In a world where kindness is championed, there is no place for David Walliams, and plenty of wiggle-room for Bruno…

Bruno enthused BGT with his energy on his Britain’s Got Talent debut! (Credit: ITV)

Bruno has more energy than the Duracell bunny

Former Strictly judge Bruno is energetic, fun and – quite frankly – hilarious. He wouldn’t disagree if I called him as mad as a box of frogs. As if to prove me right, Bruno made plenty of gaffes during the first two shows. But I found myself giggling along every time Bruno broke out in laughter – it’s contagious, in a good way.

As the series kicked off with the first lot of auditions, Bruno became the first judge to hit his Golden Buzzer – and didn’t even wait until the act had finished.

He pressed his Golden Buzzer in the middle of an act’s audition instead of waiting until it was finished. This meant that while Ugandan dance troupe Ghetto Kids were still performing, billions of sparkly confetti dropped on them in the middle of their routine…

Unscripted, unexpected, and TV gold.

Bruno Tonioli’s Britain’s Got Talent gaffes had me in stitches

Because he’d never seen the ITV show before, Bruno Tonioli also made a blunder with his red buzzer. He didn’t realise that he was supposed to press his red buzzer to reject hopeful contestants mid-audition. Instead, he did it after they’d finished, prompting Ant and Dec to say good-naturedly: “Someone tell him the rules.”

But THIS is exactly what the show needed – new life. New energy. And a sense of the unpredictable. Now I’m a big fan of Simon, Amanda and Alesha… But (you knew it was coming) they’ve been on the show so long, we know what they’re going to say before they say it. Quite frankly, my dears, the show and the format had got dull before Bruno’s arrival.

In fact, we think ITV should swap a couple more judges for 2024… What do you think?

BGT 2023 star Bruno Tonioli with fellow judges (Credit: Britain’s Got Talent YouTube)

What did viewers think of Bruno?

Many BGT fans agreed with me, with one tweeting: “Dear Bruno, thank you for being such a wonderful judge on BGT. Your enthusiasm for the acts is lovely to see. So nice to witness such positivity.”

Another typed: “I’m SO here for @BrunoTonioli causing absolute SCENES! I love him! Such worthy golden buzzer winners. Mr Kavuma Daouda what a good man you are. Such beautiful children. Can’t wait to see what they do next!”

A third said: “So far @BrunoTonioli has shown compassion and empathy on @BGT and he has given great feedback and comments so here’s to the 2023 series! He’s well suited here rather than @bbcstrictly.”

Another added: “@BrunoTonioli I was determined not to like you as I love David but, from the first act, I fell in love with you. Sometimes your reaction is better than the act! So nice to have you as a refreshing change. I’m really looking forward to the rest of the series.”

“Bruno is a bit like marmite,” said another. “You either love or hate him, but I do think he is a breath of fresh air for the show and the right replacement for David.”

However, others weren’t so keen.

“No, he’s not for me,” said one. “Irritating and keeps standing up talking to the audience like he is the star. Bring back David.”

Another said: “It doesn’t work; he is too charismatic/annoying, over the top for the show. He thinks it’s all about him rather than the talent!”

A third simply said: “This guy got on my nerves last night.”

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Britain’s Got Talent continues on Saturday, April 22, 2023 at 8pm on ITV1.

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