‘Nervous’ Meghan Markle ‘blocked from coronation over all her demands despite wanting to attend’

17 Apr 2023, 15:18
17 Apr 2023, 15:19

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Meghan Markle was reportedly ‘blocked’ from the coronation over all her ‘demands’, claims Lady Colin Campbell.

Prince Harry will be returning to the UK on his own to attend the King’s coronation on May 6. Meanwhile, his wife Meghan will remain at home with their two children Archie and Lilibet.

However, Lady C believes that Meghan wanted to go and support her husband at the event but was ‘blocked’ over her demands.

Lady Colin Campbell claims that Meghan Markle had been ‘blocked’ from the coronation over all of her alleged demands (Credit: Cover Images)

Meghan Markle ‘blocked’ from coronation?

Meghan has decided to stay at her home in California with her two children Archie and Lilibet during the King’s coronation next month. Whereas, her husband Prince Harry will be attending the royal event on his own.

She actually did want to come but she was blocked at every turn with all of her demands.

Buckingham Palace announced the news last week saying: “Buckingham Palace is pleased to confirm that the Duke of Sussex will attend the coronation service at Westminster Abbey on May 6th.

“The Duchess of Sussex will remain in California with Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet.”

Many reports have suggested that Meghan has decided to remain at home because the service falls on the same day as Archie’s birthday. However, Lady Colin Campbell claims that wasn’t the case, as she suggests that Meghan wanted to attend the event.

Lady C joined Mark Dolan on GB News yesterday to discuss Meghan’s absence from the coronation. The socialite declared that Meghan wanted to attend King Charles’ coronation but was ‘blocked’ from the coronation over her demands.

She told Mark: “Well, I’ll tell you what it tells me. I’ve spoken to people who know them very well. It tells me, I’m just speaking for myself, that she was very nervous.

“She actually did want to come but she was blocked at every turn with all of her demands. She was hoping to flaunt herself and she was blocked at every turn.”

Meghan Markle’s appearance at the coronation may have diminished the pair’s brand even further (Credit: Cover Images)

Harry and Meghan latest

Lady C also added that Meghan will be better off staying at home, as her appearance at the event would ‘diminish’ their brand. She told Mark that Meghan’s reported unpopularity with the public would have been ‘apparent’ which would implicate their image even further.

Lady C added: “If she came she would help to diminish her brand even further than it has already been diminished.” The author continued to say that Harry and Meghan’s brand is currently in ‘big trouble’.

She said: “She and Harry are in big trouble as a brand. They have lost supporters in the US across the board. Most well-established people, even in the democratic party, don’t want to have a thing to do with them.

“If she came, it was going to affect the brand adversely because her unpopularity would have been so apparent.”

Entertainment Daily! has contacted Meghan Markle’s reps for comment.

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