Emmerdale spoilers tonight: Amelia makes hasty decision amidst cancer scare

17 Apr 2023, 07:42

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Our Emmerdale spoilers tonight reveal that lovelorn Noah Dingle and Amelia Spencer are to rekindle their romance. This comes as she struggles with her health worries after finding a lump last week. Will their happiness be short lived?

Meanwhile, Samson opens up to his dad about his feelings for Amelia and Esther. Then, Paddy has some shocking news for Chas. Elsewhere, Bernice hits upon an idea for her menopause group. Phew!

Read our Emmerdale spoilers tonight in full below.

Noah is over the moon when Amelia agrees that they should get back together (Credit: ITV)

Amelia and Noah reunite as she fears for her health

As Amelia worries about her health, Noah tries to reassure her that the lump she found probably isn’t cancerous. But Amelia worries that Esther will be left with Samson if anything happens to her.

He tells Amelia that he still wants to be with her, but Amelia is overwhelmed by the situation and unable to reciprocate. Later, when pressed by Lydia, Noah tells her about Amelia’s lump.

Meanwhile, Amelia finally admits that she’s missed him and wants to get back together. Noah is over the moon as they kiss, all loved up again.

Esther is furious when she learns how Samson treated Amelia (Credit: ITV)

Samson confides in his dad

When she finds out how Samson responded, Lydia explodes. Defensive, Samson refuses to take the blame, and storms off upstairs. But when Sam follows his son upstairs, he’s sympathetic. He realises that Amelia’s health scare has triggered feelings in Samson about his own mother’s death.

Frustrated, Samson admits that he worries about Esther – but acknowledges he’ll never be the dad that Sam was to him. Understanding how hard it must have been for Samson to grow up without a mother, Sam is determined to support his son.

Chas is shocked when Paddy tells her that he’s initiating the divorce (Credit: ITV)

It’s the beginning of the end for Paddy and Chas

Paddy tells a shocked Chas that he’s been in touch with a solicitor to start divorce proceedings. As Chas reels, he tells her that he doesn’t see the use in prolonging things.

He asks her if she wants to make a joint divorce application. But how will Chas react?

How will Chas react to Paddy’s request? (Credit: ITV)

Bernice reels at Nicola’s honesty

Bernice is shocked when Nicola hits her with some home truths. She tells Bernice that the menopause group is boring.

However, Bernice hits back with an idea for an art class at their next meeting. Can Bernice revitalise the group’s flagging numbers?

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Emmerdale usually airs on weekdays at 7:30pm, with an hour long episode on Thursdays.

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