5 heartbreaking confessions in Hannah Spearritt’s first interview about tragic S Club ex Paul Cattermole

16 Apr 2023, 12:08
17 Apr 2023, 10:17

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S Club 7 star Hannah Spearritt has spoken out after the death of former bandmate and ex Paul Cattermole.

In her first interview since his death, the devastated star shared several heartbreaking confessions about Paul following his passing. She told how he was her first love, and that he was excited about the pop group’s upcoming reunion tour.

Paul was found dead in his Dorset home on April 6, aged 46. His family have said there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding his sudden death.

Paul died aged 46 (Credit: ITV)

Hannah ‘can’t believe’ her S Club bandmate Paul is gone

The blonde singer, who has two kids with partner Adam, said Paul’s death shocked her to the core. As a result of his sudden passing, she said she just can’t believe she won’t see him again.

As reported by The Sun, Hannah, 41, said: “It’s still so raw and I have these moments where I don’t quite believe that it’s real. I still can’t believe I will never see him again.”

Paul and Hannah dated for seven years, before splitting in 2006. They briefly got back together in 2015, but ended it after three months.

Paul couldn’t wait for the S Club reunion tour

In one particularly sad confession, Hannah revealed Paul was looking forward to their upcoming sell-out tour the most out of the group.

Seemingly full of life in the weeks before his death, Hannah said Paul’s death was “all the more tragic” because “he was looking forward to the tour the most out of all of us”

She went on to confess that he just “wanted to have fun and enjoy it”.

How Hannah found out Paul had died

The day after he passed away, Hannah woke up to a text from the band’s tour manager. He told her he had “sad and tragic news”. When Hannah called, the tour manager broke the news, leaving her struggling to process what she’d heard.

She shared: “I called the number and was told: ‘Paul has sadly passed, Paul has died.’ I couldn’t make sense of it and had so many questions. I was trying to process it but I just couldn’t.”

Hannah ‘can’t stop crying’

Mum-of-two Hannah, has tried to get through it by spending time with her partner Adam Thomas, 42, and their kids. She says she holds it together in front of Taya, four, and Tora, two. But once she starts, she “can’t stop crying”.

Hannah added: “My heart is broken for him and his family. He was happier than he had been in years, so for this to happen now, makes it even more heartbreaking. And with Paul being famous, it makes it more difficult emotionally as it’s a lot harder to block it all out, which is my coping mechanism.”

The couple ‘cleared the air’ before his death

Having dated during the band’s heyday, Hannah and Paul ended things with a bitter split in 2015.

Things ended so acrimoniously that her management team organised a “clear the air” meeting with a mediator in London back in January to find a way through their issues. Before that, the pair hadn’t spoken for eight years.

Hannah has since revealed it was an “important” meeting that needed to happen. And she said the pair had a “heart to heart” and “spoke about everything that went on”. She added she wanted to put “everything behind us” and focus on the future.

The pair “laughed a lot” during the hour-long chat, with Paul reminiscing about old times, Hannah confessed.

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Jo O’Meara on death of Paul Cattermole

Other members of S Club have also paid tribute to Paul. The band’s unofficial lead singer, Jo, sang in S Club 7 with Paul between 1999 and 2003.

She posted on social media to thank well-wishers and pay tribute to her “incredibly special” bandmate. Jo said: “This has been utterly devastating and I am totally shocked and heartbroken.”

She continued: “We have lost someone so incredibly special to us all and there is a huge sense of sadness that will never go. Paul will forever be a huge part of our lives and I will forever treasure the memories we made. I will love you always Paul, God bless, forever Rest in Peace.”

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