EastEnders fans ‘work out’ huge death twist for Christmas murder

16 Apr 2023, 15:21
16 Apr 2023, 15:24

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EastEnders fans think they have worked out a huge death twist for the Christmas murder. The BBC soap treated fans to a flashforward to the festive season earlier this year.

Though far from things being all happy and jolly, there’s a murder in The Queen Vic and six major characters standing around the victim. All that is currently known is that the victim is a man and that’s he dead.

EastEnders fans are convinced Eve’s plan will lead to tragedy (Credit: BBC)

Fans have had multiple theories but now they have hit on one that suggests a huge twist is coming. They think it will lead to the heartbreaking deaths of both Eve Unwin and Nish Panesar.

Viewers know Suki is currently having a passionate affair with Eve behind her controlling husband’s back. But recently he made a discovery that could lead him to the truth.

He questioned Suki about her stay in Leeds on business and hit her with the bombshell that he knew they had only booked one room. Suki thought she handled her husband by telling him their marriage would be over if he didn’t trust her.

EastEnders: Shock murder twist coming?

But following Nish’s concerning behaviour, Eve revealed she has a plan to get rid of him. However Suki warned her to back off, in case it hurts her son Vinny in the process.

However fans are convinced that Eve will go through with her plan – but that it will backfire horribly. They think it will cause all of their deaths in a shock twist.

“I’m fully expecting the Eve/Suki/Nish story to end like a Shakespeare tragedy – with just about everyone dead,” one fan said.

A second added: “Poor Suki, out of the frying pan and into the fire. From one manipulative villain to another. First Kheerat her eldest son, now Nish behind bars so Eve can get what she wants. That’s if she doesn’t get her killed first.”

Nish and Suki’s toxic marriage will lead to their downfalls say EastEnders fans (Credit: BBC)

A third said: “Eve, Nish is starting to suspect you and Suki. That argument you had with him yesterday didn’t make things any better either. Eve cannot do this alone, she needs people on her side.”

Another agreed, saying: “Nish knows about Suki and Eve booking just one room. Now how are Eve and Suki going to get out of this one?

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“This is the problem here – Nish is clever and always one step ahead of the game. Eve is out of her depth. She should have listened to Suki last night.”

Another said: “Really hope I’m wrong but I reckon we will see Eve killed off when Nasty Nish finds out about her and Suki. Definitely think it’s him at Christmas with Stacey wanting to avenge Eve’s death?”

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