Saturday Kitchen fans declare: ‘TV moment of the year’ as guest goes flying on live TV

15 Apr 2023, 13:48

Matt Tebbutt, Nina Wadia, Saturday Kitchen

Saturday Kitchen viewers were left in hysterics this morning after a guest went flying on to the floor during the live show. Fans thought it was so funny, they subsequently declared it the “TV moment of the year”.

Host Matt Tebbutt welcomed American food writer, chef and viral sensation Alison Roman on to Saturday kitchen this morning. She is best known for her ‘unfussy’ recipes.

And her laid-back personality certainly came in handy when the incident occurred today!

Alison impressed everyone with her sweet treats (Credit: BBC)

Saturday Kitchen guest goes flying!

After whipping up her raspberry ricotta cake and also a raspberry and sour cream dessert snack, Alison brought the treats to the table. The guests looked ready to tuck in as regular contributor Hels then shared her wine choice.

“We have a sparkling rose with this because you’ve got the red fruits in there, but also with cake…oooh!” she was stopped in her tracks as Alison, sitting down next to her, went flying to the floor.

Guest Nina Wadia, who was facing her food heaven or hell on the show, reached out to Alison. She and Hels both cried: “Are you all right?” as laughing Alison got up off the floor.

Alison could not be seen after she first fell (Credit: BBC)

“That is not a chair,” Alison gasped as she got up and brushed herself down.

“Did you just sit on the wine table?” Matt, who had been cutting into her cake at the time, then asked her.

She replied: “I did,” still laughing. “We didn’t do that in rehearsal,” she added. Thankfully Alison didn’t appear too hurt by the incident and also said she was okay.

Thankfully, Alison wasn’t hurt (Credit: BBC)

Fans react

Viewers watching at home thought the fall was priceless. They were also in hysterics declaring it “classic” live TV.

“Well that’s got to go in TV moments of the year. Sorry, Alison,” shared one.

Another agreed: “That sitting on the wine table moment is classic live TV!”

“This is me at any recorded event. I love Live TV,” exclaimed one more.

Someone else added: “Absolute chaos this morning on Saturday Kitchen. This is what we tune in for (and the great food and wine).”

“Hilarious show today, Alison Roman literally going down in British TV history… LEGENDARY Hope you’re ok Alison!” declared another.

Plenty more commenters shared funny memes of people falling off chairs. Others reshared the clip itself.

Whoopsadaisy! #SaturdayKitchen

— Barry Clancy (@BarryClancy) April 15, 2023


— 🌸🌺travelprincess99🌺🌸 🇺🇦 (@ruth_clark) April 15, 2023

Live scenes at #SaturdayKitchen

— Lisa M (@LisaMaffia09) April 15, 2023


— Gregg (@GreggSmith1) April 15, 2023

After the show finished, Saturday Kitchen’s account tweeted: “WELL for anyone who doesn’t think we’re live…!”

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