Emmerdale fans ‘work out’ who Caleb Miligan is secretly working with

15 Apr 2023, 18:40

Caleb Miligan, Emmerdale, Kim Tate

Emmerdale fans have worked out who Caleb Miligan is secretly working with. The businessman has already revealed he is nanny Nicky’s secret dad.

His scheme to take back Home Farm from Kim out of memory of his dad Frank Tate is well under way. And this week it was revealed he was getting help from another person.

Who is Caleb hiding in Emmerdale? (Credit: ITV)

This individual went by the name of ‘A’ in his phone. Viewers discovered that the mystery individual goes by the name Adrian.

But who is Adrian? And is he even a man or could they be Adrienne? And more importantly how are they connected to Kim?

With Caleb’s plan to take everything from Kim in full flow, she was left worried about Frank’s newfound illegitimate son. Viewers know she’d hatched a plan to hide the majority of her assets and holdings to ensure he got none of it.

Emmerdale: What is Caleb hiding?

So when Caleb instructed Adrian to call Kim immediately and move forward with their scheme, things took a twist. Kim was then seen receiving a call from someone she knew about an investment she was making.

This investment – in Dubai – concerned a hotel complex. And the person on the phone insisted they knew Kim was in financial difficulty.

But while Kim didn’t call them Adrian, she did insist on meeting them. And she left the village to go and smooth things over.

Will Kim work out what Caleb is doing before it’s too late in Emmerdale? (Credit: ITV)

However just who is the mystery caller? And why are they working with Caleb?

Meanwhile Caleb also let slip a crucial piece of information this week. Asking Leyla Harding to keep their fling under wraps, he explained his ‘children’ didn’t want him to move on.

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And now Emmerdale fans are convinced that Adrian is a secret child of Caleb’s – and might not be who people expect. One said: “I’m still wondering who Adrian is. Could he be Caleb’s other son? #Emmerdale.”

A second said: “Adrian can be a female name, so could be Caleb’s daughter.” Another added: “#Emmerdale Adrian? Is that maybe one of Nicky’s siblings? Then again it could be something completely different.”

Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV, with an hour-long episode on Thursdays.

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