Coronation Street spoilers: Beth cheats on Kirk?

15 Apr 2023, 15:25
15 Apr 2023, 15:25

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In Coronation Street spoilers for next week, Beth arranges to go for a drink in a hotel with her ex-boyfriend Marco.

However, as the two chat, Marco makes it clear that he doesn’t want to just be friends. But, will Beth cheat on Kirk in Coronation Street spoilers?

Marco kisses Beth (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Marco kisses Beth

Recently in Weatherfield, Beth has been spending some time reconnecting with her ex-boyfriend Marco with the pair getting back in touch after their school days.

Beth had found a letter that her old boyfriend sent her, making her get the idea to reach out to him and see how he was getting on.

Next week, Beth meets up with Marco outside of the precinct and agrees to meet up with him again for a drink.

The pair flirt behind Kirk’s back as they hang out on the swings. However, it’s soon clear that Marco wants to be more than friends.

Marco reveals his true feelings to Beth and kisses her quickly on the lips. But, will Beth kiss Marco back or pull away?

Beth goes on a date with her ex (Credit: ITV)

Beth goes on a date with Marco

Beth’s feeling guilty as she lies to Kirk and makes up an excuse for leaving the house. She tells him that she can’t make the meal that he’s booked for them as she’s already arranged to meet some old friends for a drink.

Entering a hotel bar with Marco, Beth is horrified to see that Faye is also at the hotel and has spotted her on a date with Marco.

However, Beth soon realises that Faye is also on a date with her ex-boyfriend Jackson, going behind her son Craig’s back. Will either of Beth and Faye snitch about their secret dates to their partners?

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