Coronation Street fans switch off as Stephen Reid kills again

15 Apr 2023, 15:30
15 Apr 2023, 15:31

Coronation Street, Stephen Reid

Coronation Street fans are switching off after Stephen Reid killed again. The serial killer claimed his third victim last night (Friday April 14).

For months Stephen has been lurking around Weatherfield killing people for bizarrely small reasons. He murdered Jenny Connor’s lover Leo after he found out about his mortgage fraud.

Coronation Street fans have had enough of Stephen Reid being a serial killer (Credit: ITV)

And then he killed Leo’s dad Teddy to keep his first murder a secret – but no-one seems to have noticed Teddy is dead. After a break from killing to drug Carla Connor into a mental health crisis, Stephen resumed his murders last night.

In flashbacks it was shown how he drugged Rufus and then drowned him. And in a disturbing twist, Stephen was seen bragging about it while explaining to Michael Bailey how he could become a better businessman.

“First things first, keeping it simple, you identify your target,” he said to Michael. But viewers watched as he explained it through the murder of Rufus.

“And when you’ve done that, you take the initiative, you don’t wait for them to come to you. Once you’ve got an in, you work it. You say whatever you need to reel them in.”

He added: “You’ve heard of the dark arts? This is where it might get a bit morally ambiguous. But after that it’s just a question of sticking the landing. Playing out the end game. You let them think they’re still in control, that they still have the advantage.

“But all the time you’re manoeuvring them into the perfect position and then, only when everything feels right, when you know you have absolute control, you strike. After that it’s just a case of holding your nerve and not backing down. In business there’s only ever one winner.”

Stephen murdered Rufus in last night’s Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

Stephen then crowned himself King of the World and it was too much for viewers. They have given up on Coronation Street while the storyline still runs.

Coronation Street fans switch off over Stephen storyline

One said: “Stephen kills again Getting really really boring now #Corrie.” A second said: “I haven’t watched Corrie since all the Stephen [bleep] started.

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“But thought I’d torture myself last night and within 10 minutes it reminded me of why I’ve stopped watching it. Ridiculous, boring and dragged out storyline. Corrie you need to have a word with your writers.”

Another said: “I used to love Corrie, but this storyline with Stephen is absolutely pathetic! It was once a family show, now it’s for over 18s with the worst stories of any of the soaps. And still no end in sight of the Stephen story.”

Coronation Street usually airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm on ITV.

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