Mother of Christopher Halliwell murder victim fears he killed Claudia Lawrence: ‘I feel he’s connected’

14 Apr 2023, 10:21

A Confession, Christopher Halliwell

The mother of Becky Godden, who Christopher Halliwell was convicted of murdering, has admitted fears he could have killed missing Claudia Lawrence too.

Taxi driver Halliwell is serving life in prison for murdering two young women in Swindon. His first known victim was Becky.

Becky was strangled by Halliwell in 2003 after she was last seen getting into a taxi outside a nightclub in Swindon. However, police didn’t catch Halliwell until another woman, Sian O’Callaghan, vanished in 2011.

Claudia went missing in 2009 (Credit: Photo by Shutterstock)

Christopher Halliwell victims

Sian had disappeared on a night out in Swindon after getting into a taxi. After police were lead to Halliwell, he later showed them to Sian’s body.

He then told detectives where to find Becky’s body. However, due to flaws in the handling of the investigation between 2011 and 2014, he didn’t become prosecuted for Becky’s murder.

But, in 2016 police found new evidence and he was convicted of her murder. Halliwell had been jailed for Sian’s murder in 2012.

Halliwell was convicted of Becky’s murder (Credit: Photo by Shutterstock)

Claudia Lawrence missing

Now the mother of Becky, Karen Edwards, fears Halliwell could have murdered missing Claudia too.

Claudia, 35, was last seen returning from work at York University in March 2009.  Karen has said a witness close to the killer had told her he wanted to relocate to Yorkshire.

He gets an obsession with people and befriends them.

Speaking to the Mirror, Karen said: “One witness said he always wanted to move to York or Yorkshire. I feel he’s connected with Claudia’s case. He was a taxi driver, for God’s sake! He once admitted, ‘They want me for eight more!’”

She added: “He gets an obsession with people and befriends them. We don’t know if Claudia knew him.”

Karen also sympathised with Claudia’s mother, Joan. She said: “I’ve been through what Joan’s been through, having your daughter missing. I am the lucky one as I have a grave to visit now. I feel guilty because I’ve got my little girl back.”

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She went on to say that knowing where her daughter is “gives me a huge peace of mind”. She insisted “let’s try and help Joan to find some peace, too”.

Meanwhile, a six-part ITV series called A Confession, featuring Martin Freeman and Imelda Staunton, dramatised the murders of Becky and Sian in 2019.

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