Coronation Street Spoilers tonight: Mysterious death shocks Weatherfield

14 Apr 2023, 11:53

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Our Coronation Street spoilers tonight revealed, as a mystery death rocks Weatherfield, Stephen appears to have struck again. But who is Stephen’s latest victim?

Elsewhere, Damon makes big plans at the Bistro. And Roy has a big announcement in store for Shona and Evelyn.

Meanwhile, Glenda proves Eileen wrong over her stage school. And Ryan takes in Alya’s support over his injuries.

Read our Coronation Street spoilers tonight in full below.

Michael and Ronnie are shocked to find Rufus’s home swarming with police (Credit: ITV)

Michael reels as Stephen kills again

With Rufus not returning his calls, Michael goes back to Stephen to see if he can stay in his job at Underworld. Stephen tells him that he’s too late. He explains that Nina will be Underworld’s new Head of Design.

Elaine looks on shocked. Meanwhile, Nina wonders what she has let herself in for. Will she come to regret her decision?

Elsewhere, Ronnie suggests that Michael go back to Rufus’s house and try to smooth things over. Making the trip to Rufus’s home, they are shocked to find police everywhere.

When the housekeeper tells them that she found Rufus dead in his swimming pool, Michael reels in shock. He’s even more stunned when, back on the Street, Stephen takes him back at Underworld.

Hiring Michael as Junior Manager, he promises him to teach him everything he knows. But is he hiding something? Did Stephen kill Rufus?

This week’s episodes saw Rufus make an enemy of Stephen (Credit: ITV)

Damon digs in at the Bistro

After a night of passion, Adam is feeling loved up. But Sarah is consumed with guilt over her fling with Damon.

Meanwhile, Damon tells Leanne that he plans to turn the Bistro into a late night music venue to attract students. He goes on to tell her and Nick that he’ll work the late nights – and that it’s a great opportunity to rake in the money.

Nick and Leanne are hesitant, but agree to apply for the late license. But will they come to regret bedding down with Damon?

Roy’s ready for Freddie

Roy tells Evelyn and Shona that he’s had a change of heart. He announces that he’ll be taking Freddie back to live with him permanently.

Evelyn tells Roy that he’s made the right decision. But will Roy come to regret taking the pooch back?

In spite of Eileen’s naysaying, Glenda’s new venture is a success (Credit: ITV)

Glenda proves her critics wrong

George and Eileen return home to find Estelle giving Eileen some tips on running her new stage school. Dismissive, Eileen believes that the whole thing is doomed.

Later, at the community centre, Glenda psyches herself up for her first class. Can she prove Eileen wrong?

As the class comes to an end, things seem to have gone well. George smiles at Glenda, happy for her that it’s been a success.

George is happy to see Glenda doing well in her stage class (Credit: ITV)

Ryan sings Alya’s praises

At the hospital, Ryan tells Alya that doctors won’t discharge him until he’s seen his own injuries. Alya points out that he’s been putting it off. Ryan admits to Carla that he couldn’t have coped without Alya.

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