Amanda Mealing issues ‘urgent appeal’ to fans amid plans to honour Paul O’Grady after his death

14 Apr 2023, 11:19

Amanda Mealing, Paul O'Grady

Amanda Mealing has issued an “urgent appeal” to Paul O’Grady fans after revealing plans to honour her late friend.

The star shared a 35-year friendship with Paul, who died unexpectedly in March at 67. The former Casualty actress posted the appeal on Instagram, sharing a fond memory of her pal.

Holby City star Amanda was friends with Paul for 35 years (Credit: Splash News)

She wrote: “URGENT APPEAL. Any costume designers or dept that could help find/suggest how to do these Gypsy costumes? In honour of my friend Paul O’Grady, my sisters, brother and I will walk the Moonwalk May 20th as his favourite Gypsy characters.

He did the moonwalk in a light-up bra top and did not tire of flashing it. Ha! Thank you.” She shared a series of images showing Paul and herself, on stage for a performance of the musical Gypsy.

One person commented: “Oh how wonderful, I will be watching POG for the love of dogs tonight with a heavy heart. I love his great friends like you that are know him so well and doing things that he would love.”

Another added: “Oh what a fabulous idea Amanda.”

Paul’s love of Gypsy

TV personality and Lily Savage star Paul credited Gypsy with igniting his love for performance.

Speaking to Big Issue in September 2022, he said: “I was an altar boy until I saw a film called Gypsy about Gypsy Rose Lee. All of a sudden, my whole style on the altar changed – you had this 12-year-old stripper. I used to lift my cassock to go down the steps – you know, show an ankle – and swing the thurible more enthusiastically than I should have.

In honour of my friend Paul O’Grady, my sisters, brother and I will walk the Moonwalk May 20th as his favourite Gypsy characters.

“What attracted me to Gypsy wasn’t the glamour, it was the backstage sleaze and crummy dressing rooms. I thought that must be a wonderful life. It was not something I should have wished for.”

Paul died unexpectedly on March 28 (Credit: YouTube/ Alan Carr Chatty Man)

Amanda Mealing and Paul O’Grady

Amanda revealed this week that she thought she received a ‘message’ from Paul, following his death. The heartbroken star took to Instagram, sharing some photos of “majestic peacocks” she found when she returned home.

The star wrote: “I came home last week to find these two majestic peacocks had taken up residence. What the..??? They were still here today. It’s Paul O’Grady who’s done this. He couldn’t just send a message as a pigeon. No!”

Amanda continued: “TWO peacocks. I mean, they are the drag Queens of the bird world, aren’t they? My ‘Lady Birds’ are too stunningly elegant and regal to be anything else.”

Fans gushed over the post. One person wrote: “That’s definitely Paul. Amazing gift to send you to let you know he’s ok Amanda – just lovely.”

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