EastEnders spoilers: All hell breaks loose as Denise’s deceit is revealed

13 Apr 2023, 18:30
13 Apr 2023, 17:26

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In EastEnders spoilers for next week, all hell breaks loose as Denise’s deceit is revealed after Amy discovers the truth.

As Amy struggles to deal with Denise’s cheating, she lashes out and ends up destroying her bedroom in the process.

But, how will Jack react to the truth about Denise and Ravi being exposed in EastEnders spoilers for next week?

Amy exposes Denise (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Denise and Ravi’s affair is exposed

After finding out the shocking truth, Amy fakes being sick to have the day off of school. She then starts drinking while Denise is looking after her.

After getting a bit tipsy at home, Amy misbehaves making Chelsea pick up on the fact that she’s been drinking.

With Denise finding evidence that Amy’s been drinking alcohol, Amy is furious and reveals that she knows about her and Ravi’s affair.

Denise reluctantly tells Jack the truth about her secret dalliance with Ravi, trying to pass it off as nothing meaningful.

Jack’s livid and rushes off to have it out with Ravi, with all hell breaking loose. Ravi reaches the point of no return with Chelsea as a result as she demands that he stay away from her.

Amy lashes out (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders spoilers: Amy lashes out

After everything is exposed, Amy struggles when she bumps into Denzel and Nugget. Panicking, Amy tries to ask Chelsea for support.

However, Chelsea takes things out on Amy as she blames her for not telling her about Denise and Ravi’s affair.

Amy can’t handle things and, with nobody listening to her, she heads home and starts destroying her bedroom, smashing her mirror.

After receiving a phone call from Amy, Lily bangs on Amy’s front door, concerned. Jack spots Lily and rushes up to Amy’s room, fearing that she may have self harmed.

Jack sits down with Amy and Denise arriving to talk things through. They promise Amy that she’s not to blame. But will they all kiss and make up?

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