Coronation Street fans predict Paul to be framed for murder as Stephen kills again

13 Apr 2023, 17:46

Coronation Street, Paul Foreman, Stephen Reid

Fans of Coronation Street have predicted that unlucky Paul Foreman will be framed for murder as serial killer Stephen Reid appeared to strike again. Will Paul be left holding the bag for Stephen’s latest crime?

Last night’s episode of the soap (Wednesday 12th April) saw Stephen grow frustrated after Rufus demanded 50% of the profits from their Nippersnapper deal. Then, Michael informed Stephen that he was quitting – having been offered a job in London by Rufus.

Rufus’s demands have earned Stephen’s wrath (Credit: ITV)

Paul blamed as killer Stephen strikes again?

But when Michael visited Rufus’s home, he got no answer from the door, in spite of hearing music inside. It was revealed this week that Stephen would strike again – and Rufus is likely to be the victim.

But in an unfortunate twist, it looks as though Paul could be left shouldering the blame. With Michael there to meet Rufus, unlucky Paul happened to be at the scene of the crime – having gone to steal Rufus’s car.

With his health rapidly declining and money pressures growing, Paul has turned to crime in order to make ends meet. But will he end up framed for Rufus’s murder?

Desperate Paul approached dodgy Damon for some off-the-books work (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street fans fear Paul will do the time for Stephen’s crime

As the episode aired, Corrie fans took to Twitter to share their theories. And the idea that Paul would be held responsible for Rufus’s eventual death emerged as the prevailing theory.

“Let me guess… Stephen is going to kill Rufus and Paul will get the blame?” suggested one fan.

Let me guess… Stephen is going to kill Rufus and Paul will get the blame? 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️ #Corrie

— Priya 🌸 (@priya_kaur_uk) April 12, 2023

“Paul going down for Rufus’s murder,” predicted another.

Paul going down for #rufus murder #corrie

— Shirley Maria (@antenatalscan) April 12, 2023

“Michael or Paul to get the blame for Rufus’s murder!” said another, throwing another potential name into the mix.

Michael or Paul to get the blame for Rufus’ murder! #Corrie

— Nwando (@EbonyWan) April 12, 2023

“Is Paul somehow going to get the blame for the murder?” asked another.

Is Paul somehow going to get the blame for the murder? #corrie

— chicken or beef? (@iamagiraffe) April 12, 2023

With Rufus dead, Paul could be in big trouble. Can he clear his name?

Michael is shocked to learn that Rufus has been killed (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Rufus dead… but who’s to blame?

Recent Coronation Street spoilers revealed that Rufus would be found dead in his swimming pool. When Michael turns up again at Rufus’s house to talk about the job offer, he finds the place swarming with police.

He’s shocked to find out that Rufus is dead. But is Stephen to blame? After Rufus wound Stephen up by trying to steal Michael away – not to mention the 50% profit daylight robbery – everything would point in that direction. But who will take the blame?

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Coronation Street usually airs on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8pm on ITV.

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