Prince Harry’s reputation ‘in shambles in royal quarters’ amid ‘hidden animosity’ towards him and Meghan

12 Apr 2023, 12:36
12 Apr 2023, 13:20

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In Prince Harry news, the Duke of Sussex’s reputation is “in shambles in royal quarters”, a PR expert has claimed.

It comes amid claims that royal aides gave the royal a rather unfavourable nickname behind closed doors when he moved to the US.

Royal aides allegedly mocked Harry behind his back (Credit: Netflix)

Prince Harry news: Duke of Sussex hit with cruel ‘nickname’

It was recently alleged that Prince Harry picked up a cruel ‘nickname’ from royal aides when he quit working royal life in 2020. In his new book, royal author Robert Jobson claims that royal aides blamed Meghan for Harry’s decision to step back from royal duties.

“Some blame Meghan Markle for the fallout, ignoring the fact that Harry seems to be the driving force in everything that happened,” he claimed. Jobson also alleged that some aides believe Harry had ‘Stockholm syndrome’. This is when a hostage victim develops a bond and sympathises with their captor.

“There was a point when officials joked Harry was the victim of Stockholm syndrome, and he was Meghan’s hostage, but now most just feel Harry has turned his back on everything he has known,” he alleged.

Harry’s reputation seems to have taken a hit (Credit:

Prince Harry news: Duke’s reputation takes a hit

Now, PR expert Jordan James, who is also CEO and Head of Keys at UnlockdPR, claimed that Prince Harry’s reputation is “in shambles in royal quarters”.

“The rumours swirling that even royal aides are calling Prince Harry ‘Meghan Markle’s hostage’ is concerning, with the comments sending a clear message to the public that even those loosely linked to the royal couple have no love lost,” he exclusively told ED!.

“The tumultuous nature of the relationship between the royal family and the Sussexes has been well-documented, but rarely have we had such a bold statement come from those so close to the actual throne, which could signal to the public the kind of sentiment that is going on behind closed doors, with the ‘The Firm’ staying expectantly tight-lipped.”

These alleged comments reveal a hidden animosity towards the couple.

Jordan then continued, saying: “However, these alleged comments reveal a hidden animosity towards the couple and could show that Prince Harry’s reputation is clearly in shambles in royal quarters, with aides even supposedly accusing the Prince of having ‘Stockholm Syndrome’.”

He then claimed that this is a “bold statement that likely comes from the public feeling that Harry has got in over his head with Meghan and is being ‘forced’ into the royal drama”.

Harry has ‘fallen from grace’ (Credit:

Harry’s reputation ‘clearly in shambles in royal quarters’

Jordan then continued, saying: “If these comments are true, they paint a sad picture of how the once mighty Prince Harry has fallen from grace.”

He then said that Harry has gone from a “beloved young Prince” to someone “looked at with pity and derision”.

Jordan then mentioned that Harry claimed to be lonely as a royal.

“Seeing the aides that possibly would have helped him from a young age turn on him is sobering, but not surprising,” he then said.

Jordan then claimed that the mockery “shows a clear shift in the perception of the royal”. He also said that it perhaps reflects how these aides (like the public) may feel betrayed by Harry’s actions.

ED! has contacted Harry’s reps for comment.

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