Madeleine McCann latest: Public pulls support as Julia maintains belief she’s missing girl

12 Apr 2023, 15:31

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The latest twist in the case of ‘I am Madeleine McCann’ girl Julia Wandelt has seen the public seemingly pull its support for the 21-year-old Polish girl.

Earlier this week Julia started a fundraising page as she shared her hopes to find a good therapist and lawyer. However, despite once having more than one million followers on Instagram, it appears support is now fading. And, as a result, donations to the page appear to be starting to dry up.

Julia Wandelt has stated she still believes she could be Madeleine (Credit: YouTube)

Madeleine McCann latest: Julia’s fundraising page explained

Posting on her Instagram Stories earlier this week, Julia said: “I feel so shameful asking you for this kind of help but I need to find good lawyer, therapist… I really need your help but if you don’t want to help I will understand.”

I feel so shameful asking you for this kind of help but I need to find good lawyer, therapist.

Julia then revealed that she’s started a GoGetFunding page. She continued: “I created this fundraiser because many kind people wrote to me that I should do this because it’s a possibility for me to pay for lawyer and therapy. Thank you and please. Don’t be rude. I aways refused taking money but I know that many of you want to help me and… [two sad emojis and a heart emoji].”

Supporters have shared messages and some small donations. One person said: “Here’s to the truth and your future Julia. Best of luck. I’m with you all the way.” Another commented: “Wishing you all the best in the world. You deserve it Julia.”

However, as the time of writing, only 19 donors had put their hands into their pockets and dug deep. As a result, Julia has so far received donations totalling €630 or £555.

The Polish woman has said sorry to the McCanns (Credit: GoGetFunding)

Julia still believes she could be Madeleine McCann

Overnight last night Julia shared a new update to her reinstated Facebook account. In the post she issued an apology to the family of Madeleine McCann for any “sadness” caused.

However, she also said she believes she could still be the missing Brit, pointing out what she sees as an inconsistency with her DNA results.

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