King Charles in ‘difficult position’ amid Harry and Meghan’s alleged treatment of him ahead of coronation

12 Apr 2023, 12:28
12 Apr 2023, 13:24

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Prince Harry and Meghan’s alleged treatment of King Charles has put the monarch in a “difficult position”, according to a royal author.

The royal author’s claims come amid the ongoing mystery over whether Harry and Meghan will attend the coronation next month.

Harry and Meghan have been criticised (Credit: Netflix)

Will Prince Harry and Meghan attend the coronation of King Charles?

The coronation is less than a month away now, yet it still remains to be seen whether Harry and Meghan will be in attendance. This is despite the royal couple receiving a formal invitation from the King.

Now, a royal author has branded the Sussexes’ failure to confirm whether they’ll be attending as “rude”. He has also accused the royal couple of putting the King in a “difficult position”.

Robert Jobson, the royal author in question, appeared on Jeremy Kyle Live on TalkTV last night (Tuesday, April 11) to make his claims. During the interview, Jobson was asked about Meghan and Harry’s influence. He was also asked whether they should be attending the coronation at all.

“I think the Queen felt, from what I understand from people close to them, that his judgement was –  he was so much in love with Meghan… that effectively it was clouding his judgement. That’s what Her Majesty thought,” he alleged.

King Charles is in a ‘difficult position’, a royal author claimed (Credit:

King Charles in ‘difficult position’ thanks to Prince Harry and Meghan

The royal author then continued, claiming: “I think the King, being a dad, will be forgiving of so much with his son, your children, you always are. It’s a difficult position for him.”

Jobson then took aim at Meghan. “I wish Meghan would realise it’s not all about her… they have been given an RSVP, they have missed that deadline,” he said. “It’s getting a little rude now, to say the least. You are either going to support your dad on his moment of destiny or you are not.”

I wish Meghan would realise it’s not all about her.

The royal author then continued, saying: “But don’t just keep everyone guessing because that then creates the whole tabloid speculation, when it’s basically saying it’s all about them, and frankly it’s not all about them, it really isn’t.

“It would be an ideal opportunity for him to see his grandchildren as well.”

ED! has contacted Buckingham Palace, as well as the Sussexes’ reps, for comment.

The royal couple have been slammed (Credit:

Sussexes slammed for ‘rude’ behaviour

Jobson isn’t the only royal expert who believes Harry and Meghan are being “rude” with their behaviour at the moment.

Royal commentator Rafe Heydel-Mankoo appeared on GB News on Monday night (April 10) to slam the royal couple. When asked if he thought their behaviour regarding the coronation is ‘rude’, Rafe said he did.

“It’s absolutely rude. This whole entire will they or won’t they drama is actually getting really tedious now. That is precisely what the King and the royal family don’t need,” he alleged.

“I think, Harry and Meghan seem to be confusing the coronation with Coronation Street because this isn’t a soap opera.”

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