Prince Harry could ‘hardly complain of being the spare’ after the Queen vetoed William’s ambitious request

11 Apr 2023, 16:03
11 Apr 2023, 16:15

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Prince Harry could “hardly complain of being the spare” after the Queen vetoed Prince William’s ambitious request, a royal expert has claimed.

The royal expert’s comments come following claims that the Queen was happy to allow Harry to fight in a war, but less so about allowing William.

Harry did two tours of Afghanistan (Credit:

The Queen okayed Prince Harry fighting in war

Back in 2007, Prince Harry was given permission to do a tour of Afghanistan with the army.

After returning home in 2008, the Duke of Sussex then embarked on another tour between 2012 and 2013. He achieved the rank of Captain in 2011 and qualified as an Apache Aircraft commander.

Now, according to General Sir Mike Jackson, the Queen seemed happy to send her grandson off to war. In a royal documentary, the ex-head of the army says he kept his private audiences with the late monarch secret.

However, he did claim: “I will break the rule about not divulging what goes on on this one occasion when she was very clear. She said, ‘My grandsons have taken my shilling, therefore they must do their duty’ – and that was that.”

The Queen okayed Harry going to war (Credit:

The Queen didn’t allow William to go to war like Prince Harry

General Sir Mike Jackson then continued, alleging: “But it was decided that for William, as heir to the heir, the risk is too great. But for his younger brother, the risk was acceptable.”

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliam spoke exclusively to ED! about the Queen‘s wish for both her grandsons to fight.

“The Queen wanted both her grandsons, who were in the military, to see action. That is typical of her attitude to service,” he claimed. “However it was decided that the risk of sending William, who is heir to the throne, to Afghanistan was too great. If known it would also mean those with him were in more danger.”

The Queen wanted both her grandsons, who were in the military, to see action.

He then continued, alleging: “William was extremely keen to go, in the event Harry served for two terms. On this occasion he could hardly complain of being the spare and he might bear in mind the embargo, agreed by the press which led to his first tour of duty, though sadly breached after ten weeks, was unique.”

ED! has contacted Harry’s reps for comment.

Charles stopped picking the phone up (Credit:

King Charles refused to take Harry’s calls

In other Harry-related news, the King once reportedly stopped taking Harry’s calls. This was after things reportedly got heated during conversations between the pair.

A new book claims that the breakdown in the pair’s relationship took place after Harry moved to the US.

The royal expert speculates that the calls became heated and tense due to the Duke of Sussex “repeatedly” asking his father for money.

“Prince Charles simply stopped taking Harry’s calls after his son swore at him and repeatedly asked for funds,” he claims in the new book.

“When the Queen asked Charles why he hadn’t given in, he told her that he wasn’t a bank,” he then added.

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