Harry and Meghan blasted amid accusations of ‘rude’ behaviour towards royal family

11 Apr 2023, 16:58
11 Apr 2023, 17:04

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Harry and Meghan have been blasted by a royal expert amid claims of “rude” behaviour towards the Royal Family.

The royal expert’s scathing – and unsubstantiated – remarks about the couple come amid uncertainty that they’ll be attending the coronation of King Charles.

Harry and Meghan have been slammed (Credit: Netflix)

Harry and Meghan blasted by royal expert

The coronation is less than a month away. However, it still remains a mystery as to whether Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be attending. This is despite the royal couple receiving a formal invitation from the King.

Now, a royal expert has accused the Sussexes of acting like they are in a soap opera with their behaviour. He also branded their behaviour “rude”.

The royal expert – Rafe Heydel-Mankoo – made the bombshell accusations during an appearance on GB News last night (Monday, April 10). When asked if he thought their behaviour regarding the coronation is rude, Rafe said he did.

“It’s absolutely rude. This whole entire will they or won’t they drama is actually getting really tedious now. That is precisely what the King and the Royal Family don’t need,” he alleged.

Harry and Meghan have been branded ‘rude’ (Credit: CoverImages.com)

Royal expert slams ‘rude’ Harry and Meghan

The royal expert wasn’t finished there though. He then continued, saying: “I think, Harry and Meghan seem to be confusing the coronation with Coronation Street because this isn’t a soap opera.” He then went on to explain that the coronation is a “hugely important” event for Britain and the Commonwealth.

It’s actually, I think, a shameful publicity ploy by and they’re milking this for all it is worth.

Rafe continued to fire accusations at the couple. He said: “Harry and Meghan, through all of this I think, are just showing the world how childish, self-centred and self-obsessed they are. It’s actually, I think, a shameful publicity ploy by and they’re milking this for all it is worth.

“They know that essentially with their distance from the royal family they’re becoming increasingly uninteresting to the public at large, increasingly irrelevant. This is a way to keep them in the headlines and on the front pages,” he speculated.

Harry and Meghan have been branded ‘narcissistic’ (Credit: CoverImages.com)

Sussexes treating coronation like a ‘soap opera’

The royal expert then continued, alleging: “It actually makes them seem to be powerful with the Royal Family seemingly trying to entice them over the pond. But this is really quite narcissistic because at the end of the day, this is about celebrating the King. All attention must be on the monarchy and on the King,” he then added.

Rafe was then asked whether he thinks the King wants them to attend. Although, not being in the monarch’s inner circle, we’re unsure how exactly he’d know…

“Well, the view from the Palace seems to be that having them not attend is worse than actually having them attend. Now opinions may differ on whether that is right or not, but certainly, there’s no precedent for the son of a King not attending,” he said.

He then went on to say that we should be focussing on the coronation. However, “we’re instead being distracted by these tedious sort of typical title tattle stories”.

ED! has contacted Harry and Meghan’s reps for comment.

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