Emmerdale spoilers: Nicky’s plans fall apart when Gabby grows suspicious

11 Apr 2023, 16:52

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In Emmerdale spoilers for next week, Nicky’s plans fall apart when Gabby grows suspicious of his true intentions.

This comes after it was revealed to viewers that Nicky is Caleb Miligan’s son, with the nanny’s engagement to Gabby being nothing more than part of a plot to take Home Farm from Kim.

But, why does Gabby become suspicious of Nicky? Is she on to his plan in Emmerdale next week?

Nicky and Caleb are related (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale: Nicky is Caleb Miligan’s son

In major bombshell Emmerdale scenes last week, it was revealed that nanny Nicky is in fact Caleb Miligan’s son, with Caleb being the son of Frank Tate.

The truth was revealed to viewers as Caleb confronted Leyla’s stalker, pulling down his hood and revealing the stalker’s identity. Nicky had been the one watching over Leyla.

Nanny Nicky then revealed himself to be Caleb’s son, warning him to stay away from Leyla or he’d report back to his mum.

Nicky also discussed his and Caleb’s plan to take Home Farm from the clutches of Kim, with Nicky’s engagement to Gabby being nothing but part of this plan. The father and son then walked to the graveyard where they stood at the grave of Frank Tate – Caleb’s dad.

The two have been teaming up to take back what was rightfully theirs, planning to destroy Kim and bleed her dry.

Nicky has been lying to Gabby (Credit: ITV)

Emmerdale spoilers: Gabby becomes suspicious of Nicky

Viewers now know that Nicky’s engagement to Gabby isn’t representative of his feelings. In fact, Nicky told Caleb that he’s trained himself not to be sick every time Gabby looks at him with puppy dog eyes.

Gabby is in love with Nicky and has become truly invested in the idea of having the fairy-tale wedding of her dreams.

However, next week, Nicky reveals his plan to marry Gabby as soon as possible. This makes Gabby become suspicious, questioning the reason behind rushing things.

Will Gabby rumble Nicky’s sinister plot? Or, will Nicky be able to pull the wool over Gabby’s eyes once more and rescue the situation?

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