Emmerdale spoilers: First look at all-new pics for April 17-21

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In Emmerdale spoilers for next week, it’s Charity and Mack’s wedding day. But, will things go to plan as Chloe goes into labour before the couple get wed? Will Mack be forced to choose between Charity and Chloe?

Elsewhere, Amelia’s cancer worries intensify as she fears that she won’t be able to care for Esther if she’s ill. Noah does his best to support her, with the couple getting back together. But will things stay happy for long? All this and more in Emmerdale spoilers for next week.

Emmerdale spoilers
1. Mack and Charity get arrested

Charity panics when Moira loses the wedding rings, with the pair fighting in a haystack. Charity starts becoming paranoid that Moira is purposefully sabotaging the wedding. She breathes a sigh of relief when Moira safely hands the rings over later.

With Moira showing her a slideshow of photos of Mack, Charity spots a nod to the A-Team and gets the idea of gifting him a replica of the of the A-Team van. Charity and Mack get into fancy dress and sit in the parked van but PC Swirling ends up arresting them, revealing that the van is involved in a robbery.

PC Swirling finally releases the couple but they’re gutted when they realise that it’s too late to get wed. Mack rings Cain asking him to stall Charles as PC Swirling rushes Mack and Charity to the church in the A-Team van. The pair face getting wed in their fancy dress outfits. But, will they get chance to tie the knot?

2. Chloe goes into labour

Chloe and Sarah get ready for a pamper night on the night before Charity and Mack’s wedding but Chloe’s waters end up breaking. The next day, as Charity and Mack arrive at the church, Sarah reveals that Chloe has gone into labour.

Mack rushes off from the wedding before getting wed, explaining that he has something urgent to do. With this, he arrives at the hospital to be with Chloe, leaving Charity waiting on him. Will Mack stay with Chloe or will he return to marry Charity?

3. Amelia gets back with Noah

Amelia worries about the lump in her breast, concerned that she wouldn’t be able to care for Esther if it turned out to be cancer. Noah supports Amelia and tells Lydia about her lump, revealing that Samson hurt Amelia with his harsh words.

With Noah supporting Amelia through her ordeal, the pair kiss and make up, getting back together. Meanwhile, Samson apologises to Amelia for upsetting her, being reminded of losing his own mum. But will Amelia forgive Samson for hurting her and Esther?

4. Elliot gets more than he bargained for

After being told by Nicola that her menopause group is boring, Bernice arranges to hold a life-drawing class at their next session. Heath overhears that there will be a young, naked model and tells Elliot about it.

However, when the session starts, the model calls in sick meaning that Bernice has to be the model instead. Elliot hears about the young model and sticks his phone round the door to take a photo. He’s mortified when he realises that the model is Bernice.

5. Paddy still wants a divorce

Chas is left upset as Paddy reveals that he’s carrying on with the divorce proceedings. He wants things to go through as quickly as possible and asks Chas to make a joint divorce application to hopefully hurry things along.

6. Gabby becomes suspicious

Nicky wants to get married to Gabby as soon as possible. However, when he pressures Gabby into moving things along, she starts to become concerned and questions him. Does she twig that Nicky have an ulterior motive?

7. Bernice takes on a challenge

Bernice’s competitive nature comes out to play when Nicola reveals that the Man Club is running a 5k. She decides to better them, announcing that she’ll be running 10k. But can Bernice actually complete this ambitious challenge?

8. Laurel worries about Marshall

Laurel continues to worry about Marshall. She senses that something isn’t quite right with him. But will she intervene like she has done before? Can Laurel help Marshall? Do Marshall’s issues have anything to do with his dad or is it something else?

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