EastEnders fan theory: Shifty Shiv to end up dead at Christmas?

11 Apr 2023, 16:39

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In last night’s episode of EastEnders (Monday April 10, 2023), Shifty Shiv turned up to the Slater family house and threatened Stacey.

As Stacey asked Shiv for more time to repay him back, Eve turned up and turned violent as she pinned Shiv down.

Tonight’s episode (Tuesday April 11) saw Stacey get rid of Shiv for good – with the help of Phil Mitchell and a baseball bat! But is that really the last we’ve seen of him?

A new EastEnders fan theory thinks now as it suggests that Shifty Shiv will end up being the dead guy in the Christmas Day episode.

Shiv threatened Stacey (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders: Shifty Shiv threatened Stacey

Last night, at Lily’s 20-week baby scan, Stacey had to step outside to call Shifty Shiv on her phone after he demanded she contact him.

Later on, after Lily and Stacey returned home, Stacey promised that she’d bring Lily some cookie dough ice cream upstairs. However, when Stacey entered the kitchen she was shocked to find Shifty Shiv in her house helping himself to the ice cream.

He held the photo of Lily’s baby scan and threatened to hurt Stacey’s kids or set fire to her burger van if she didn’t pay him back ASAP.

Stacey begged for more time, with Eve rushing in to defend her wife. Eve managed to pin Shiv down and demanded that Stacey have more time to pay him back.

But Shiv told Stacey she had less time and wanted all the money by tomorrow. Stacey begged Kat to lend her the cash to get rid of Shiv for good.

A fan theory predicts that Shiv will die at Christmas (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders fan theory: Shifty Shiv to die at Christmas?

EastEnders fans have been trying to work out who will die on Christmas Day ever since it was revealed that there would be a death in the flashforward episode.

Suki, Kathy, Stacey, Denise, Linda and Sharon could all be seen in The Vic standing around the body of a dead man.

Now, after seeing Eve defend Stacey as a result of Shifty Shiv’s threats, a new EastEnders fan theory suggests that Shifty Shiv may be the one to die on Christmas Day.

Surely this Shiv fella isn’t the one dead at Christmas #EastEnders

— ‘THE INTRO’ OUT NOW 📝 (@Melissa7Aimee) April 10, 2023

I hope eve murders shifty shiv #EastEnders

— hayley – derek branning defender (@realseanslater) April 10, 2023

One EastEnders fan conjured up the theory, tweeting: “Surely this Shiv fella isn’t the one dead at Christmas.”

Another viewer also predicted a grisly end for loan shark Shiv at the hands of Eve, writing: “I hope Eve murders Shifty Shiv.”

But, could this fan theory be right? Could Shifty Shiv be the guy that The Six pronounce dead in The Vic on Christmas Day?

Could the dead guy have anything to do with Stacey? (Credit: BBC)

EastEnders at Christmas: Is Shifty Shiv the dead guy?

The Christmas day flash-forward scene suggested that Stacey could have something to do with the suspicious, mystery death. Shifty Shiv has been causing great pressure for Stacey and her family, but could his threats become too much?

Eve has proved that she can be violent when she wants to be and will do anything to protect her friend, Stacey. But, could Eve kill Shifty Shiv? Could Shifty Shiv be the guy who ends up dead on Christmas Day? Is Shifty Shiv a dead man walking?

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