Coronation Street spoilers: Justin pleads not guilty leaving Daisy devastated

11 Apr 2023, 08:05

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In Coronation Street spoilers for next week, Justin pleads not guilty at court, with Daniel having to tell Daisy the devastating news as she couldn’t face going to the hearing.

After the hearing, Daisy tells Ryan about Justin’s plea before he comes home from the hospital. Will Justin go to prison in Coronation Street spoilers?

Justin doesn’t confess to his crimes (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Justin pleads not guilty

Next week, as Daisy can’t bring herself to attend Justin’s court hearing, Daniel attends and reports back to Daisy that Justin has pleaded not guilty.

Daisy is devastated and heads to the hospital to tell Ryan and Alya the awful news. Ryan confesses that he’s worried about having to go over everything again in court.

Alya vows to support Ryan through the process and fight against Justin, with Ryan revealing that he loves her.

Later on, Daisy tries to distract Ryan by bringing Crystal into the hospital to visit him. He’s grateful to be discussing Ibiza rather than the acid attack.

Ryan comes home for the first time after the attack (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Ryan comes home

Feeling motivated after his chat with Crystal, Ryan decides to brave it and look at his burns for the first time. However, he’s soon heartbroken when he looks at his face and discovers that he needs a skin graft because his skin isn’t healing as hoped.

After hearing this bad news, Ryan grabs his backpack and leaves the hospital frustrated. Daisy and Carla are shocked to find that Ryan’s no longer in his hospital room and go looking for him.

The pair find Ryan upset by the tram stop. With Ryan struggling, Daisy confides in Daniel explaining that she can’t possibly tell Ryan that Crystal doesn’t want to speak to him anymore.

Back at the hospital, Ryan has his skin graft which proves to be successful. With this, the doctors dismiss him from hospital but before he’s out of the door he’s left paranoid when he sees a group of nurses laughing, believing that they’re laughing at him.

Afterwards, a little girl stares at Ryan’s face with intrigue, making Ryan feel humiliated. He tells Alya that he wants some space. But, will Ryan be able to accept his injuries?

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