Coronation Street spoilers: First look at all-new pics for April 17-21

11 Apr 2023, 00:01
4 Apr 2023, 16:28

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Coronation Street spoilers for next week see Justin face court – and plead not guilty. As Daisy reels in shock, Ryan realises he has to face his future. But can he look at his scars?

Meanwhile, Roy suffers health woes and Paul awaits news of his own diagnosis. Will they both get bad news?

Also, Faye faces a difficult choice after the two men in her life offer her two very different futures. Who will she choose?

All this and more in next week’s Coronation Street spoilers.

Coronation Street spoilers
1. Justin appears in court

Justin is in court over the acid attack to enter his plea. He stuns everyone when he pleads not guilty.

Daniel is absolutely stunned. He worries about how he’ll break the news to Daisy, who couldn’t bear to attend the hearing.

2. Ryan confesses his love

Daisy breaks the news to a shocked Ryan that he’ll have to face Justin in court. Ryan admits to Alya he’s scared of reliving everything. Alya assures him she’ll be by his side.

Ryan then admits he loves her, but how will she respond? Is Ryan set to be heartbroken on top of everything else?

3. Ryan goes missing

Daisy brings Crystal to see Ryan in the hopes she’ll boost his confidence. Ryan admits discussing gigs and his future with Crystal has helped.

However, Daisy later finds out Crystal wants nothing to do with Ryan. Desperate not to shatter his confidence, she doesn’t know how to break the news to him.

After Ryan agrees to look at his injuries for the first time, he’s heartbroken to be told it’s not healing as they would like. He is told he needs a skin graft.

When Daisy and Carla later head into Ryan’s room, they find him gone. He’s taken a backpack with him.

Worried Carla and Daisy organise a search party. They find a traumatised Ryan by the tram station, but can they convince him to return home?

4. Roy’s health woes

Evelyn persuades Roy to go to Salsa lessons and Glenda has her work cut out. But she gives it a good go and the class gets underway.

However, mid-session Roy clutches his chest and hurries out. Evelyn is furious with him, but he tells her he was unwell, although refuses to explain exactly what was wrong.

Roy later confesses to Dr Gaddas he’s experiencing chest pains and breathlessness and she sends him to hospital for tests. Evelyn finds out the truth and insists she will go with him. But will Roy be okay?

5. Paul awaits news

Paul takes a call from his MND specialist hoping to find out whether he has motor neurone disease. However, Billy returns home and Paul quickly kills the call.

6. Faye grows closer to Jackson

Craig gives Faye tickets for a basketball game and insists she goes with Miley and Jackson. It’s obvious there’s a spark between Jackson and Faye as they share a lingering look.

Faye later goes on a date with Jackson, but is caught out by Beth… However, Beth’s also on a date with her ex flame! Will they keep each other’s secrets?

7. Craig proposes

Craig sets up a romantic proposal and gets down on one knee in Victoria Garden. Faye is completely stunned as he declares his undying love and asks her to marry him.

Jackson and Miley are watching on and Faye finds herself with a dilemma after Jackson has also made her an offer.

Faye is torn – will she marry Craig or move down south with Jackson and Miley?

8. Beth cheats

Beth meets up with Marco and they flirt. He makes his feelings clear and the pair kiss.

9. Stu gets a windfall

Stu is shocked to hear he will get around £200k compensation, but is upset to find out Eliza is being bullied. He wants to use the money to send her to Oakhill, but she’d rather go to Weatherfield High.

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