Coronation Street fans work out ‘who’s the daddy’ plot for Sarah

11 Apr 2023, 11:53
11 Apr 2023, 11:57

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In last night’s episode of Coronation Street (Monday April 10, 2023), Sarah slept with Damon at the Chariot Square hotel before returning back to her husband, Adam.

A guilty Sarah turned up at the solicitor’s office and was shocked to see Damon sitting in there with Adam, with them all later sitting down to eat a takeaway together.

Now, Coronation Street fans have ‘worked out’ a ‘who’s the daddy’ plot for Sarah after she cheated on Adam with Damon.

Sarah slept with Damon (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Sarah cheated on Adam

Last night, Sarah was desperate for a lift to a business meeting after her car became blocked in. With Adam working, Damon offered to give her a lift.

As Sarah arrived at the hotel for her meeting, Damon entered and handed Sarah her purse. She’d left it in his car by accident.

This gave Damon the perfect excuse to sit at the hotel bar and listen in to Sarah’s conversation with her potential Nippersnapper client.

With Sarah’s meeting not going well and with her designs not popping in the way that the client had liked, Damon jumped in and pretended to be a music mogul who was really interested in the designs.

This turned the meeting around, with Damon handing Sarah a business card with his hotel room number on the back of it.

After the meeting, Sarah headed up to Damon’s hotel room and was furious that he had interfered with her business meeting.

However, things soon escalated, with Sarah ending up sleeping with Damon.

Later on, Sarah returned to the solicitor’s office to suggest that she and Adam have a takeaway. However, she was put in an awkward position when she found Damon in the office.

Adam was questioning Damon’s whereabouts, wondering why he wasn’t answering his messages ahead of his day in court.

Fans think that Sarah will get pregnant with Damon’s baby (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street fans predict ‘who’s the daddy’ plot

With Adam desperate for a baby, Coronation Street fans have ‘worked out’ a ‘who’s the daddy’ plot for Sarah after she cheated on her husband.

They reckon that Sarah will get pregnant – but there will be a twist. They think that she will get pregnant with Damon’s baby – not Adam’s.

One fan wrote: “Next story… she gets pregnant after telling hubby she’s ready now …guilty…then the old one who’s the daddy…ya welcome lol.”

Another viewer commented: “I think we all know what’s coming next? Sarah will be pregnant and here we go again, whose baby is it? So predictable.”

A third person predicted: “What’s the betting Sarah will be pregnant and won’t know if it’s Adams or Damon’s?”

A fourth and final Coronation Street fan said: “Who’s the daddy next story… Boring and so predictable.”

Will Sarah have Damon’s baby? (Credit: ITV)

Will Sarah become pregnant with Damon’s baby?

Adam has been very vocal about his desire to try for a baby with Sarah. However, she’s decided to put Nippersnapper business first for the time being.

Now, Sarah has cheated on Adam with badboy Damon, with fans suggesting that she could become pregnant with Damon’s baby.

Is a ‘who’s the daddy’ storyline in the works? Will Sarah become pregnant with Damon’s baby or will Adam get the chance to become a father?

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