Queen Consort Camilla to cause controversy with coronation item William wanted ‘destroyed’?

10 Apr 2023, 13:45

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Queen Consort Camilla could cause controversy with son-in-law Prince William at the upcoming coronation with her use of the Queen Consort’s Rod with Dove.

Last week the invitation for the coronation was revealed. On it, Camilla was named as Queen Camilla for the first time ever. The title change caused some controversy. But is Camilla about to cause even more as she poses with the Rod with Dove at the ceremony?

The rod is, in part, made of ivory, and Prince William – a staunch animal activist and conservationist – has called for it to be destroyed in the past. There are now reports that Camilla using the Rod with Dove during the ceremony could leave the heir to the throne furious.

King Charles and his Queen Consort Camilla will be crowned at the upcoming coronation but may cause controversy (Credit: Splash News)

Charles and Camilla’s coronation: New details released

As well as the procession route, details of the Crown Jewels that will be used during the ceremony have been revealed to the public. And it’s been revealed Camilla will pose with the Queen Consort’s Rod with Dove on the day. It’s a controversial piece because it is made from ivory.

The rod is from the 1600s. It is made from ivory and is said to symbolise equity and mercy. The dove represents the Holy Ghost. According to the Royal Collection Trust’s website, it is formed from an ivory rod in three sections. It tapers towards the top, and is surmounted by a gold monde enamelled with the national emblems. These are the rose, thistle, harp and fleur-de-lis. It has a cross above it, on which perches an enamelled dove with its wings folded.

The Queen Consort receives some of the same ornaments as her husband, including an orb and two sceptres.

The website states: “If a sovereign is married at the time of his coronation, it is usual for the Queen Consort to be crowned with him. The coronation of the Queen takes place in a short ceremony after the King has been enthroned and has received the homage of the congregation.

“The Queen Consort then receives some of the same ornaments as her husband, including an orb and two sceptres. One is surmounted by a cross and this one surmounted by a dove (which represents the Holy Ghost).”

The sceptre was made for the coronation of Mary of Modena, who was the consort of James II, in 1685. It was created by the royal goldsmith, Sir Robert Vyner. The sceptre has been used by every subsequent Queen Consort.

Prince William has previously called for all of the royal family’s ivory to be ‘destroyed’ (Credit: Splash News)

Queen Consort Camilla to anger William?

As well as being patron of the Tusk Trust, William founded a conservation group called United for Wildlife in 2013. He started the group in a bid to stop the illegal trade of ivory.

Despite the Rod with Dove being hundreds of years old, in 2014, it was reported that William called for the piece to be “destroyed”. He told the Independent that he would like “all the ivory owned by Buckingham Palace destroyed”.

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