Emmerdale tonight: Unwelcome guest at Rhona’s birthday party

10 Apr 2023, 13:45

Emmerdale, Rhona Goskirk

Rhona hasn’t had the best build-up to celebrating her birthday in Emmerdale tonight after her ex-husband showed up last week.

The village vet branded him her biggest mistake – which is quite something from the woman who married evil Pierce Harris.

In Emmerdale tonight Zoe’s birthday celebrations are rudely interrupted (Credit: ITV)

And then the bombshell came: he and Rhona had stored some embryos at a fertility clinic, and now he wanted access to them.

It’s the only chance for him to have children with his new wife.

In tonight’s first visit to Emmerdale, Rhona is celebrating her birthday with lunch at The Woolpack. The family are mortified when Gus turns up and introduces his wife Lucy.

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Rhona is taken aback and unsure of how to respond so mum Mary steps up and takes charge. After receiving both barrels from Mary, Gus and Lucy leave totally crushed. Rhona’s wound up at her mum interfering but Marlon reassures her that this is her choice and he will support whatever decision she makes. As Rhona leaves the pub to clear her head she spots a forlorn Gus comforting heartbroken Lucy. Will she decide to let Gus and his wife use her embryos?

It’s not all bad news for the birthday lunch, however. Mary invited along Faye and she gets on very well with her extended clan – reassuring news after the rocky start to their romance.

Kim’s proposition for Caleb

And Kim has an offer for Caleb. She might think it’s a clever move on her part, but what she doesn’t know is what fans now know – Caleb is out to swindle Kim to get his hands on Harm Farm and her fortune. He’ll agree to anything and everything she wants right now if he suits him, because it’s all a lie.

When the Lady of the Manor least expects it, Caleb is going to drop his bombshell.

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