Coronation Street tonight: Sarah does the dirty with Damon

10 Apr 2023, 10:58
10 Apr 2023, 11:28

Coronation Street, Roy Cropper, Sarah Platt

Last week in Coronation Street Sarah told Damon to stay away from her – but did she mean it? We certainly didn’t believe it and tonight she proves why we had good reason to doubt her!

In tonight’s first visit to Weatherfield, Sarah is forced to accept the villains’ help when her car is blocked in. He gives Sarah a lift to her meeting at a hotel in town.

Damon comes to the rescue for Sarah in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

During the meeting, Damon settles himself at another table and when Lulu, the buyer makes critical comments about the designs, he interjects.

Damon strolls over and, pretending to be a music mogul, declares he absolutely loves the designs. He then hands Sarah his card – with his room number on the back. She trots off after him and – after tearing into him for interfering in her business, downs a glass of champagne and snogs his face off!

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Nippersnapper kicking off

Meanwhile Stephen is pleased that the Gazette are going to do a piece on the Nippersnapper deal and Ronnie reminds him that Michael deserves some credit. Michael suggests he join the meeting with Rufus. While Michael heads off to make the tea, Rufus tells Stephen that, after some consideration he’s decided 25% of the profits isn’t enough and he’d like 50%. Stephen reels.

Despite Stephen’s attempt to keep Michael away from the meeting by sending him out to take more designs to Sarah, Rufus meets Michael in the street and offers him a job in his London office.

After the way Stephen has treated Michael, who could blame him for accepting?

Glenda has big plans for the future but Eileen has her doubts (Credit: ITV)

Glenda’s pal’s not good newszzzz

Estelle tells Glenda that the Weatherfield franchise of Little Big Shotz is up for grabs and it’s hers for the knockdown price of £5ooo. Glenda tells George and Eileen that she’s accepted Estelle’s offer of a franchise but she needs to find the money. George tells Eileen that he’s planning on lending his sister Glenda the £5ooo she needs for her Little Big Shotz franchise.

Eileen reckons it’s a scam and he’ll live to regret it. And when is Eileen ever wrong…?

Roy has got himself a new friend (Credit: ITV)

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Roy’s new furry friend

Melvyn and his dog, Freddie, call at the café for Roy and set off to visit a local bat roost. Roy returns to the café clutching Freddie and explains to Shona and Nina how Melvyn had a funny turn, ended up in hospital and there was nobody to look after the dog.

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