Kathy Burke’s ‘woke’ rant goes viral after Amanda Holden’s ‘baffling’ comment about Paul O’Grady

31 Mar 2023, 17:29
31 Mar 2023, 17:42

Amanda Holden, Kathy Burke, Paul O'Grady

Kathy Burke’s “woke” rant has gone viral following Amanda Holden’s “baffling” tribute to Paul O’Grady following his death.

The comedian’s rant about the word “woke” and its meaning has resurfaced – and fans think it’s very fitting!

Amanda made a bizarre comment about Paul (Credit: ITV)

What did Amanda Holden say about Paul O’Grady?

On Wednesday, it was sadly announced that Paul O’Grady had passed away aged 67.

Tributes poured in from fans and celebrities alike, including one from Amanda Holden.

Amanda paid tribute to Paul during her breakfast show on Heart Radio.

“Do you know what I loved about him?” she said.

“He was not woke in any way. He had massive opinions on everything, I love people like that,” she then continued.

She then said that Paul was “really really funny, very witty. Everything that came out of his mouth was brilliant.”

Amanda’s comment about Paul not being “woke” baffled some listeners.

“I can’t work out whether she doesn’t know what woke means, or simply doesn’t know who Paul O’Grady is,” one listener tweeted.

Another added: “The thing that Amanda Holden ‘loved’ about Paul O’Grady was that he wasn’t ‘woke.’ A comment almost as baffling as Amanda’s entire career. Just utterly bizarre.”

Kathy slammed the word ‘woke’ (Credit: Channel 4)

Kathy Burke rant on the word ‘woke’ resurfaces

Following Amanda’s bizarre comment, Kathy’s rant about the word “woke” resurfaced on Twitter.

In an episode of her Channel 4 documentary, Kathy Burke: Growing Up, the comedian looked at some of the topics that matter to young people today.

After meeting a climate advocate, Kathy said: “I think activism is a part of being young, and it’s important that the young show us what they’re [bleeped] off about.”

“It’s not a fad and it’s not ‘wokeism’,” she continued, making large air quotes.

Fans love Kathy’s rant (Credit: Channel 4)

Kathy Burke hits out at the word ‘woke’

Kathy then continued, saying: “Can I just say, that gets on my [bleeping] nerves.”

“They’re calling you ‘woke’ if you call out bad things, basically,” she continued.

“If you’re not racist, you’re woke. If you’re not homophobic, oh, you’re woke. Be woke, kids, be woke. Be wide awake and [bleeping] call it out,” she added.

Be woke, kids, be woke.

Fans of the comedian were big fans of her rant – with some using as a way of firing back at Amanda.

“This ones for @AmandaHolden via @KathyBurke,” one fan tweeted.

“God I love Kathy Burke. What an absolutely marvellous human she is,” another said.

“Love Kathy Burke and totally agree!” a third gushed.

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