Saturday Morning host James Martin scolded over treatment of kids on today’s show

25 Mar 2023, 16:35
25 Mar 2023, 16:17

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Saturday Morning host James Martin found himself in hot water as he welcomed three young guests to the show today (March 25).

The three children were on to promote the Eat Them to Defeat Them campaign, which aims to get kids to eat more vegetables.

As a result, James was tasked with preparing eight different vegetable dishes for the youngsters to enjoy.

James Martin cooked up eight vegetable dishes on his Saturday Morning show (Credit: ITV)

Saturday Morning host James Martin welcomes three kids to the kitchen

However, a lot of viewers at home took to Twitter to share their concerns for the kids as James asked them to try the dishes straight after their came out of either the sizzling frying pan or the hot oven.

The kids duly obliged, as steam billowed off the veggies perched on the end of their forks.

At some points they were seen blowing on the food to cool it down.

However, the trio were perfectly polite to Saturday Morning host James, eating the veg and complimenting the chef on his skills – and showing no signs of distress.

The three youngsters were served up plates of steaming veg that sparked fears with viewers at home (Credit: ITV)

‘Poor kids!’

Viewers watching at home picked up on the temperature of the food, though, and took to Twitter to share their worries.

“Perhaps let it cool down first, poor kids look like they are burning their mouths!!!” said one.

These kids awkwardly trying to eat the red hot vegetables without complaining

Another commented: “Watching #jamesmartin those kids how the didn’t burn there mouths. Looks so hot.”

A third said: “Serving the bairns actual fire directly from the pan. Even odds them kids are off to A&E within the next half hour.”

Another urged: “Maybe a couple of cold dishes to cool those poor kids mouths down.”

“These kids awkwardly trying to eat the red hot vegetables without complaining,” said another.

Some quick fire ideas to help kids to try different vegetables! Loads of great flavours and interesting twists that create dishes to enjoy! 👉🥕🥒🍏 👉

Hit the Eat Them to Defeat Them website for more info!

— Sat_James Martin (@sat_jamesmartin) March 25, 2023

‘Our pupils on national TV!’

However, not everyone felt the same.

Hampshire County Council Catering Services tweeted about the kids after the show – and it’s clear all was good and well with the trio.

“Our food-loving pupils taste testing the veg recipes cooked by @sat_jamesmartin on national TV!” the tweet read, alongside a picture from the show.

People at home also enjoyed it.

“I really enjoyed seeing the veggie recipes for kids. My kids’ school haven’t been involved the campaign yet,” said one of Eat Them to Defeat Them.

“Loved seeing the kids on TV this morning – great campaign,” said another.

ED! has contacted ITV for comment.

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