Royal Family dealt a huge blow following release of Harry’s memoir Spare

24 Mar 2023, 12:08

Prince Harry, Royal Family

In Royal Family news, the Firm have been dealt a huge blow following the release of Spare.

Prince Harry’s divisive autobiography has had a disastrous effect on the Royals’ approval ratings, it has been reported.

Prince Harry’s book has had an effect on the royals’ popularity (Credit: YouTube)

Royal Family news: Firm’s popularity takes a hit

Prince Harry’s book, Spare, made shockwaves when it was released.

Now, according to reports, the release of the Duke of Sussex’s controversial autobiography has had disastrous effects on the Royals’ approval ratings.

According to an Ipsos poll, the Royal Family’s approval rating is at its lowest in 12 months.

Prince William remains the most popular royal at the moment. However, this is down 10% since December.

He is closely followed by his aunt, Princess Anne, who is tied with Kate Middleton. Kate’s rating is down 11% too.

However, according to the poll, all senior royals have seen their approval ratings take a hit since the release of Spare in January.

According to the poll, the Royal Family’s approval rating has fallen to 47%. This is 6% lower than it was 12 months ago.

Are things looking up for the monarchy? (Credit:

Some good news for the royals?

However, it’s not all bad news for the Royal Family according to the poll.

The monarchy has a positive net favourability rating of +21, with 26% of adults unfavourable and 25% neither favourable nor unfavourable for it.

This time last year, the family’s rating was +29.

It rose to +37 after the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in September.

According to the poll, over half of the British public believe Charles will do a good job as king.

A similar number believe that he will be successful in modernising the institution.

The release of Spare hasn’t had a positive effect on Harry’s approval rating either.

The Duke of Sussex’s favourability rating currently stands at 23%. It was 30% in December and 41% in September.

Kate and William met in 2001 (Credit: YouTube)

Royal Family news: Butler makes sad confession

In other royal news, former royal butler Grant Harrold made a sad confession about Kate Middleton during the early days of her relationship with Prince William.

Speaking on behalf of Spin Genie, he explained that Kate was invited to King Charles’ 60th birthday celebrations.

She arrived at the party and went to the marquee where everyone else was.

“Nobody really went and spoke to her,” Grant claimed.

“But I suppose to an extent she was quite unknown back then, it was just after Prince William and her had split up and got back together,” he then continued.

“I remember going over and chatting to her until William came along to keep her company – can you imagine being in a room today and nobody going over to her? That just wouldn’t happen.”

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