Redemption viewers all make the same complaint about ITV series: ‘Make it stop’

24 Mar 2023, 11:11

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Redemption continues on ITV1 this week, but some viewers have already switched off – upset over Paula Malcomson and her accent on the show.

Although the series has all the markings of a great detective drama – great leading actress, engaging plot – some have slammed the show for having one “rubbish” fault.

After watching the first episode last Friday, viewers all made the same complaint about the series set in Dublin…

Paula Malcomson as DI Colette Cunningham in Redemption (Credit: ITV1)

Viewers complain about Paula Malcomson’s accent on Redemption

While the series has many fans, others were “driven mad” by the accents.

The leading actress Paula Malcomson is from Belfast, Northern Ireland, in real life, but her character has a Liverpudlian accent in Redemption.

This jarred with many viewers, who took to social media to share their discontent.

One slightly kinder viewer wrote on Twitter: “I know it’s picky but I wish some actors would practice the accents a bit longer.”

But other were far harsher.

“Please make the accent stop,” begged one unhappy watcher. “Why didn’t they just make the character Northern Irish but working in Liverpool? #Redemption.”

Another said: “Why don’t they hire Scousers to do a Scouse accent?

“Every time there’s a drama on telly with someone from Liverpool, they hire an actor from somewhere else to do the part.

“Drives me mad #Redemption.”

A third typed: “I wish TV shows would give Scouse actors/actresses roles who need a Scouse accent because hardly anyone can pull it off. I can’t cope #Redemption.”

“Is this supposed to be a Scouse accent?” asked another, while one more said: “Awful, awful fake Scouse accent. Can’t watch any more.”

Sadly, these weren’t isolated opinions.

One angry viewer even called it the “worst Scouse accent ever”, adding: “Managed 45 mins of listening to her crossing between poor Scouse and Irish accent. Can’t watch anymore.”

Another called the accent “insulting”.


Most of the cast of Redemption are Irish (Credit: ITV1)

Is Paula Malcomson Irish? Where is she from?

Actress Paula Malcomson was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

She left Northern Ireland 33 years ago to live in the US.

However, she returned to Belfast in 2018 to film Come Home opposite Christopher Ecclestone.

At the time, she told the Belfast Telegraph: “Every street corner in Belfast holds some kind of memory for me.

“The place is just soaked in nostalgia.

“When I left, things were still terrible.

“It was the dark days.

“Now we are making movies and the fear is gone and there’s life and hope and optimism.

“It was great to come home… no pun intended!”

She added: “I’m loving to hear my own tongue and language.”

Irish actress Siobhán McSweeney stars as Jane Connolly in Redemption (Credit: ITV)

What accent does Paula Malcomson have in Redemption?

In real life, Paula Malcomson still has a strong Belfast accent – despite living in the States for more than three decades.

But she’s no stranger to mimicking accents throughout her long career.

Ray Donovan fans will know her character Abby had a strong Boston accent on the show.

However, in Redemption on ITV, Paula takes on a Scouse accent.

At a press launch for the new series, she said: “That’s a really, really tricky accent.

“It’s a bit like doing a Belfast accent. You get it wrong, you know? You regret it.”

She went on to say that she worked with a really good voice coach.

Paula added: “I find the accent so beautiful.”

Of course, actors don’t always get it right – see Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins…

However, Martin Freeman’s Scouse accent in The Responder didn’t hold him back from getting a BAFTA TV nomination

Do you think Paula Malcomson got the Scouse accent right?

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Redemption continues on Fridays at 9pm on ITV1. All episodes are currently available on ITVX.

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