GMB hosts Ben and Kate shocked as Amir Khan makes ’embarrassing’ confession about his behaviour

24 Mar 2023, 13:06

Ben Shephard, Dr Amir Khan, GMB, Kate Garraway

GMB hosts Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway were left in hysterics today after Dr Amir Khan opened up about an embarrassing moment he had on a train.

The medical expert joined Ben and Kate on the show this morning to discuss junior doctors going on strikes.

However, Amir left the entire studio in shock when they asked him to reveal a ‘publicly humiliating’ story.

And it was not what we expected!

Amir Khan revealed an awkward moment where he publicly humiliated himself on the train (Credit: ITV)

Amir Khan makes ‘disgusting’ confession on GMB today

During today’s show on Good Morning Britain, Ben cracked his co-host Kate up when he shared an embarrassing moment he had at the football match on Thursday.

He revealed that he walked into a lamp post while watching ‘Harry Kane and England’s brilliance’ at the football match.

But his awkward moment sparked a discussion on the show, as they went on to ask their guest Dr Amir Khan if he had an embarrassing story.

But then I turned around in shock and sprayed the whole room.

Kate asked: “Have you ever had a really embarrassing moment where you publicly humiliated yourself?”

Amir replied: “Oh God! I wasn’t going to tell this story but I told it to the lady who rang me up.”

However, no one was prepared for what he was about to say next.

He confessed: “I was on a train down to London and I went to the loo for a wee. I don’t know why but I forgot to lock the door and some poor lady pressed that button and the door slid open while I was standing having a wee. ”

Amir left GMB hosts Ben and Kate shocked after he shared an embarrassing story (Credit: GMB)

Amir Khan left GMB hosts Ben and Kate in hysterics

But the story doesn’t end there!

Amir then went on to admit, while he hanged his head in shame: “But then I turned around in shock and sprayed the whole room.”

The whole studio then erupted in laughter while Kate brought her hands to her mouth looking horrified.

Kate then declared: “That has gone to a level I didn’t expect! But that’s the thing about doctors you see, they face things head on.”

Ben also commented “they’ve got no filter” before adding “well the poor woman had to face it head on as well when he turned round”.

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