Meghan Markle news: Duchess warned venture would cause ‘irreparable damage’ to reputation and ‘could destroy relationship with royals’

23 Mar 2023, 17:45

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In Meghan Markle news, the Duchess of Sussex has been issued a warning against pursuing a rumoured venture by a PR expert.

The expert has warned the 41-year-old that the move could cause “irreparable damage” to her reputation.

They have also claimed that it could “destroy” her relationship with the royals completely!

Is Meghan writing a book? (Credit: Netflix)

Meghan Markle news: Duchess of Sussex rumoured to be penning a memoir

It has recently been reported that Meghan will copy her husband and pen her own memoir soon.

The Express reports that the Duchess of Sussex’s memoir will focus on confronting the royals at the coronation.

However, according to PR expert Head of Key holders at, Jordan James, this isn’t a good move for Meghan.

“The recent rumours of Meghan Markle’s proposed coronation memoir could cause significant and irreparable damage to her reputation, as well as the Sussexes relationship with the royal family, if it really does go ahead,” he said.

Jordan then went on to say that Meghan potentially releasing a memoir isn’t a “shock”.

Meghan could ruin her reputation with a book (Credit: Netflix)

Would a memoir from Duchess of Sussex be a good idea?

Jordan then continued, saying: “Just like Spare, Markle’s proposed memoir will undoubtedly receive intense media scrutiny, even without the possibility that it will detail her planned confrontation with the royals at King Charles’s coronation.

“Which if true, could prove groundbreaking, but also ruin any chances of future reconciliation in the future and permanently tarnish her image,” he then added.

The PR expert then continued, saying: “Markle is already a controversial figure, and the Sussexes’ attitude towards the royal family and their courtship of the media have been thoroughly and very publicly criticised.

“So to release a book directly slamming the royal family could prove risky.”

Jordan then went on to say that Harry thought his memoir would be “groundbreaking”. However, it has been turned into a bit of a “joke” thanks to “TMI”.

“The same could happen with Markle’s memoir,” he said. He then said her memoir “could easily be seen as a deliberate, personal and petty direct attack on the royal family, rather than a groundbreaking expose of the issues within the institution.”

Will she follow in Harry’s footsteps? (Credit:

Will Meghan release a memoir?

The PR expert then continued, claiming the public “will care” about a memoir from the Duchess of Sussex.

“There are those who will praise Meghan for her bold approach, and I have to admit, it does fit in her brand of fighting for ‘what’s right’ – however, I feel that more will find the memoir an insult, and another instance of the Sussexes courting drama,” he said.

He then said that the rumoured focus of the memoir could “sour” relations with the King, which she can’t afford.

To release a book directly slamming the royal family could prove risky.

“Meghan needs to proceed with caution and evaluate her motivations for the memoir, and what she aims to achieve,” he said.

“It’s important for her to carefully consider the potential consequences of her actions and to approach the situation strategically as it could backfire, and leave her as the villain in the story, not the ground-breaking advocate she may hope to be.”

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