King Charles’ ‘unpredictable’ behaviour in public explained as ‘kind’ Camilla praised

23 Mar 2023, 15:05

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King Charles raised eyebrows back in September when a leaky pen caused havoc on his trip to Belfast with wife Camilla.

The visit came just days after the death of the Queen, and required Charles to take part in a signing ceremony.

However, he became flustered when the pen leaked all over his fingers. Standing up, he passed it to Camilla and declared: “I can’t bear this bloody thing. Every stinking time.”

Days earlier, at the Proclamation, he looked “annoyed” by “clutter” on the table he sat at while signing his name, with an aide dashing in and removing items from the desk.

While the monarch was undoubtedly grieving, celebrity psychic Inbaal Honigman has another explanation for such outbursts.

And, in a chat with Spin Genie, Inbaal claimed that it’s all written in the stars.

King Charles had a couple of testing encounters with a pen last autumn (Credit: YouTube)

King Charles’ ‘unpredictable’ behaviour explained

She explained that Charles has a Scorpio sun and a Taurus moon. Inbaal then went on to explain what this means for the monarch.

“The King’s sun sign is volatile Scorpio, and therefore his public persona sometimes appears unpredictable. But his moon sign is Taurus, which is a stable sign that likes home comforts,” she explained.

She then added: “His Scorpio sun is a Water sign, and Water signs are all heart. The Taurus moon is more practical as an Earth sign, and the combination of the two aspects is what made him a loving and focused single dad, when his sons lost their beloved mother.

“The Scorpio sun allowed him to prioritise family above all else, and the Taurus moon is how he managed to keep life as stable as possible for his boys.”

William will be a ‘just and peace-loving king’

Speaking of his boys, Prince William has both a Cancer sun and a Cancer moon, sharing the former with his late mother Diana.

“This is a person very devoted to their loved ones, a great parent, kind and compassionate,” she said. “His moon sign is also Cancer, which tells us that the empathic and welcoming characteristics of this sign, are who he truly is on the inside.”

Inbaal added: “As he is a double Cancer, William would be a very dependable person, who can be relied on to respond to situations in a consistent manner, be it work or family challenges. He treats everyone the same way, whatever their background.

“He would be a proud and doting dad and a caring and sympathetic boss. This is a lovely zodiacal placement for a monarch, and reveals that William will be a just and peace-loving King when his time comes,” she added.

Camilla’s sun and moon signs make her ‘kind and compassionate’ (Credit: YouTube)

Camilla’s ‘kind and compassionate’ nature

Like William, Queen Consort Camilla is also a double Cancer.

“This means that she’s an empathetic and attentive character through and through. Her external personality represented by the Cancer sun sign is kind and compassionate,” she started. “And since her moon sign is in Cancer as well, she is the same person on the inside, too.”

Which will surely come in handy the next time King Charles has a set-to with a pen…

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