Roman Kemp mocked over behaviour during ‘cringe’ interview with Keanu Reeves

22 Mar 2023, 17:31
22 Mar 2023, 17:39

Roman Kemp

Roman Kemp was mocked for his Keanu Reeves interview today, with their chat proving to be a toe-curlingly awkward affair.

The radio DJ was in conversation with Keanu Reeves today (Wednesday, March 22) – but the chat left Roman’s fans cringing.

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Roman Kemp hosts awkward interview

Earlier today, a video of Roman Kemp’s interview with Keanu Reeves was uploaded to the Capital Instagram.

The radio DJ was speaking to Keanu about his new film, John Wick 4.

However, the interview wasn’t all about Keanu’s new movie.

Roman asked the 58-year-old a number of questions on British culture, leaving him dumbfounded.

At one point during the interview, Roman asked Keanu if he could beat Joe Wicks in a fight.

“Fantastic! I know it’s hard to believe but John Wick doesn’t really wanna fight, so let’s just talk about life and fitness, John Wick hashtag fitness!” the Hollywood star replied.

Roman’s interview was seriously cringeworthy (Credit: Diary of a CEO podcast / YouTube)

What else happened during the interview?

Roman didn’t stop there though.

He then went on to tell Keanu that the name of his character – John Wick – sounds like Wick’s hardware chain store Wickes.

“For when you just have to get it done, I’m gonna Wickes my bathroom, I’m gonna Wickes my new kitchen!” Keanu replied.

Roman – who is the son of Martin Kemp – then decided to end the interview by doing his best impression of Keanu.

The official Capital Instagram uploaded the interview for their 1.4 million followers to see.

“@romankemp got the chance to interview Keanu Reeves and as you can see it was full of hard-hitting questions,” they captioned the post.

The video had the caption “Is this the most awkward interview of all time?” written on it too.

Viewers felt for Keanu (Credit:

Fans mock Roman Kemp for awkward interview

It seems as though fans weren’t too impressed with Roman’s interview today.

Followers took to the comment section to mock the DJ for his questions.

“Please tell me these weren’t the questions,” one fan commented.

“Oh my goodness, that’s utter cringe. Keanu is such a lovely gentleman, I felt for him big time watching this!!” another said of the Loose Men star’s interview.

“Had to turn over to Capital Dance,” a third cringed.

“@romankemp whenever I feel I’m not doing very well at my job, I’m just going to watch this clip back and reassure myself I’m doing just fine,” another joked.

However, there were plenty of laughing emojis in the comment section, meaning at least some fans enjoyed the interview!

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